What is a healthy balanced diet?

Today, one of my colleagues who generally eat rice brought idli for lunch. Of course, it is not a bad thing, Idli also is a food item. In fact, it is very healthy compared to other oily food items. As you know, there are people who ask question just to pass time. Here is an incident for you...

“Hey what happen, any problem?” asked a middle-aged lady Shanthi to Sofie who brought idli, as if she cared.

“Not at all, why?” replied sofie.

“You just brought idli today!” asked Shanthi out of curiousness.

“Well dieting, you know.” Shrugged Sofie.

“Dieting? Appreciate your timing Sofie, but I think you got up late. Right?” asked our brilliant Shanthi with a grin.

“No ma’am, I just thought of reducing few kilos,” replied the innocent Sofie who couldn’t smell the things happening around her.

“Come on Sofie! There are dishes that are healthy and can be made in a jiffy, idli is not a good option?”

“Is that so, just share those recipes ma’am.”  

This useless conversation went on for another half an hour, until we emptied our lunch box.

First and foremost, Sofie had no idea about diet. She just want to reduce weight and decided to reduce the food intake. I don’t know what or who made her think as such. Is it possible to reduce our weight just by reducing our food? No way!

Good Balanced Diet

Diet is a kind of food habit a person follows for a period of time. What we eat and how we eat is because of genetic and environmental factors. Genetic influence is determined by our parental food habits and environmental influence is determined by the food habits of our peer-groups, neighbours, friends and place. Apart from that, even our birth place determines our food habits. For example, South Indians eat rice more than wheat whereas it is the reverse while considering a north Indian food intake. If we swap our food item from rice to wheat, we might end up ill as our body finds it difficult to accustom. Likewise there are so many things we need to remember when it comes to food. And what we eat habitually forms our diet. There is a common misconception about this among people, especially youngsters.

Alright, you want to reduce weight now! Follow these 3 steps religiously...
  1. Eat well – Eat, don’t over eat. Always know your limits. Over-eating leads to complication. Eat in a balanced way i.e. more greens and less whites. Greens denote vegetables and whites denote rice and milk products.
  2. Exercise 20 minutes a day – You don’t have to spend thousands of rupees, going to gym for reducing your tummy. Instead, spend time in your household chores. If you mop the floor, you must bend and do. This fixes your abdominal muscles, burns excess calories and strengthens it. Same thing goes for brooming too. Washing clothes fixes your back, both lower back and upper back. Washing utensils strengthens your forearm, wrist and shoulders. If you have washing machine, dishwasher and vacuum cleaner, follow these simple work-out tips called Dabur Honey diet.
  3. Drink water – This is most important of all. On an average, one should drink 4 liters per day. This keeps you fit by flushing away the unwanted things. Develop a practice of drinking a cup of water before meal, as it stops you from overeating and a cup of water (hot water, preferable) after meal as it cleans the canals.
Eating right amount of food at right time along with little exercise determines our health. And this is called a good balanced diet. 

Give a healthy start to your day with a spoonful of Dabur Honey with a glass of warm water.
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  1. Great tips for healthy living. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would rather have only idli and stay fit. 20 minutes of work out never is my cup of tea.

    1. Ha Ha.. Actually why do you worry about that, you already look like Fahad Fazil :-D ;-)

  3. Balanced diet and regular exercise is the key (as you mentioned). Honey is a great addition also.

    1. Indeed Alok. Now I understand the reason behind your physique :-D


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