Best Rajnikanth quotes that can transform your life

Not all the time, I watch movies by first-day-first-show basis. Well, except for one actor. He is the only actor with exclusive signature tune that exhilarates the audience when the opening credits roll in. He is an electrifying star who sets the stage on fire on his very first entrance. He is an actor whose fan provides mass hysteria. And he is none other than the Rajnikanth – the superstar, the messiah of masses.

The crowd goes wild hearing that commanding music with an eye-popping transition of S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R & R-A-J-I-N-I.

Rajnikanth movies are undeniably famous for his witty one-liners i.e. punch dialogues. The dialogues that have created phenomenal reach among the audience. Be it about life, friendship, society or hitting the baddies, these punch dialogues do it all at ease. These film dialogues were later considered as a life transforming quotes, defining Rajnikanth as a SUPERSTAR with cult following.

Happy Birthday Superstar

Rajnikanth turns 65 today 12.12.2015 and on this special occasion, I would like to share his best dialogues (aka) quotes that can transform your life.

1. Saagura naal therinja vaalra naal naramayidum (Movie - Sivaji).

Translation – Knowing your day of death will make your present life living in inferno.

2. Kaiyalavu kaasu iruntha athu nammala kaappaathum, athuve kaluthalavu iruntha atha namma kaappaathanum (Movie - Engeyo ketta kural).

Translation – Money will look after us if maintained in limit, if it exceeds the limit you have to look after it.
Rajnikanth quotes

3. Intha ulagathula ethu eduthalum, onnai vida onnu betteragathan theriyum (Movie - Johnny).

Translation – There will always be another better option in the world.

4. Athigama aasappadra aambalaiyum athigama kovappadra pombalaiyum nalla vaalnthatha sarithirame illa (Movie - Padayappa).

Translation – A greedy man and an angry woman never live prosperously.

Rajnikanth life transforming quotes

5. Kashtapadaama ethum kidaikaathu, kashtapadaama kidaikrathu ennaikum nilaikaathu (Movie - Padaiyappa).

Translation – You won’t get anything without hard work. What you get without hard work will never fructify.

6. Varumbodhu onnum konduvarala, pogumbodhu onnum kondu pogala, naduvula ennaya yendhu yendhu nu, cha (Movie - Muthu).

Translation - You didnt bring anything to this world nor taking anything from here then why are you owning up things in the middle.

Happy Birthday Superstar Rajnikanth...
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