Cricket makes life beautiful...

Happiness is Cricket
Cricket has always been a part in my life. I don’t just play cricket, I enjoy it. Each time I step into the ground, all my sorrows disappear and I sense hearty happiness. That happiness doubles when I hit a six or take a wicket and triples when all these paves way for my team’s triumph. It's really hard to express in words the kind of happiness I experience when all this happens. Cricket makes me feel strong both physically and mentally. I might be ill the whole day, but I get back my strength soon after hearing the bike horn outside the gate. Actually, it was my friends who come in groups during weekends to play cricket. The same thing happened last week as well when I played with my office-mates. The thoughts about holding a bat or ball itself is more than enough to bring about a substantial change in my mind. After all, Mind Matters right!

My love affair towards this gentleman's game doesn’t end here. I as well enjoy watching this game. Unlike others, I watch even Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh match. For me, it is about the game not about the country or players. I still remember that night when India won against England in the Natwest series, chasing record 326 runs. Everyone went to bed as soon as India was restricted to 151 at the loss of 5 wickets. Yet I watched the game. In fact, I got nicely from my dad, who was infuriated watching the Team India’s performance. I never felt bad for the batsmen back then, I just cherished watching English bowlers who were wonderful in their line and length. Later on it was Yuvi-Kaif show who just changed the game, but that’s not the point I am trying to convey here. Respect and adore the game not the players.

Memorable win in Indian History
(Pic Courtesy - Cricinfo)
All this happiness is not possible without a proper connectivity. Initially, it was the easy SMS service that helped me know the scores. I literally torture my friends to know the scores. I even ask them to send a ball by ball updates, which is way too much. Then it was the age of the internet, and Cricinfo came as a saviour. During the 2007 World Cup final, I was actually rolling my head with the computer in the office. But it was Cricinfo that eased my frustration of knowing the scores. Then came the smartphone age, I started using Cricbuzz app. Trust me, it was one of the best cricket app I ever used, until yesterday. Because last night I happened to check this UC Browser, which has its own cricket-friendly page i.e. UC Cricket.

I was absolutely awe-struck by its seamless transition and use-friendly navigation. I think UC Browser ( is the platform that could ease every cricket fan’s frustration in knowing the scores. With its lightning changeover and flawless updation, UC Browser is the one to be watched. 

Watch it yourself...

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  1. Never understood the game, but it seems quite popular. Nice piece.

    1. Never understood? Strange man! What game do you like then?


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