Amusing-yet-unforgettable college days...

Amusing-yet-unforgettable college days
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Facing a flighted delivery directed from outside off stump line, Baskar adjusted himself, charged down the track and lofted it straight over the bowler's head. Bang, it’s a SIX! Then a good length delivery slightly directed outside off stump, staying deep in the crease at back foot, he cuts it sharply towards deep backward-point for a boundary. He then played a stylish leg-glance over deep square-leg fence, facing Yorker-becoming-tossed-up delivery going away from leg stump.

Inching closer to victory, we were just leaping out of delight, which didn't last long. An undersized, fleshy, unattractive person, who happened to be our PT, intimidated us. No! ‘Physical Educator,’ he claims. Yes! The stylish leg-glance from our friend ran on to hit the even more stylish ‘Physical Educator,’ who was pretending to coach the students on the main cricket ground. ‘Cricket ground!? Then where were you playing?’ you might ask. Actually, we were playing just outside the ground near the practice-nets, tennis ball gully-cricket match mate. You might have carried away by my eye-catching commentary lines, I understand!

As far as the ball didn't enter the main ground, our so-called Physical Educator won’t mind, hence we continued. As the game proceeded, we couldn't able to keep up with the promise, what to do.

Infuriated PT, wasting no time, started walking towards us, holding the ball in his hand. Pointing his hand towards us from a distance, he also ordered not to move. I was there in the athletics team so I know how to handle this guy. Sensing his fierceness, I went straight to him and apologized. But our PT is a witty guy with sharp eyes, I am telling you; he knows exactly who hit the ball. Pointing his index finger, he called Baskar. I turn around and was astonished with drastic changeover that happened over the place where we played cricket.

Baskar, the man behind this scene, along with wicket-keeper and other players were in very deep discussion. I heard something like this; sodium chloride when mixed with ammonium hydroxide gives sodium hydroxide and ammonium chloride. WHAT!? One of the short-cover fielders was busy reading the headlines from the newspaper, picked from the ground. Another guy was just ducking behind the goal post, I don’t know in what way it is going to save him. Rest has disappeared already.

‘Hey, you come here,’ called PT pointing towards Baskar, who seemed very busy discussing about the preparation of ammonium chloride and other chemicals along with the fellow scientists. Not only he responded to the PT, but also was attempting to flee from the spot as that whole group was moving while discussing.

‘I am calling calling, you are going going,’ PT barked staring at him. Talking about our PT’s English speaking ability, he was the one who taught us how to pronounce ‘tsunami’ (T-sunami).

Standing next to PT, controlling my soon-to-explode laughter, I saw Baskar approaching him, with a giggle on his face.

‘What is your name?’ asked PT

‘Sorry, sir,’ replied Baskar, who was unable to control his laughter.

‘Which department?’

‘Sir, Baskar.’

‘I asked what your name is.’

‘Sir, Chemistry’

And it went on and on, like this. He never answered any of his questions perfectly.

We exploded like anything, listening to this conversation for which even PT joined, later on. He patted his back and left.

This is the one of the most amusing-yet-unforgettable college days, which brings in an uncontrollable laughter even now. 
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  1. Such moments from school and college are very precious....lucky you were able to capture them in a blog post..
    Had fun reading...
    Keep Blogging :)

    1. Indeed Anirudh. Have lot more incidents as such. I may come up with some in a while. Thanks for dropping by. Keep visiting :)

  2. Super machi.... It was one of the best moment in our college life...

  3. I think I am also there at that time.

    1. Yes man, you were there on the scene! You belong to discussion group :-D :-)

  4. He he the good old college days.. So many beautiful stories and such amazing people :)

    1. Good olden days, it was Vinay. Missing it very badly :(

  5. Replies
    1. Me too Ravish 😟 I need a time machine to head back there..


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