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Here are my top 5 things that I would enjoy to do when there is no constraints #Befikar Umar Bhar

#1 I might sound quite selfish to get down with, but doesn't matter, befikar Hun Na! I enjoy travelling and would love to travel around the world (may be in 80 days or even more) to explore new things. Being a bird watcher, I might begin by taking photographs of bird species that exist around the globe; and then would travel around places to experience the essence of different cultures existing around us. Understanding culture is not a tough job when you do two things, one is their linguistic communication and another one, of course, their food. I love learning languages; so this might be my perfect opportunity to slake my hunger. With respect to food, I don’t have much to append. Honestly, we Indians are fond of eating, RIGHT!?

#2 One thing I have been craving to do, but couldn't, is to fund for under-privileged children's education to the fullest until he/she is confident in gaining his livelihood. If I am without any constraints, I would definitely fund a kid or more who are in genuine need. Education, as you know, has become a huge business today and is at unreachable height for many, whereas it shouldn't be.  

#3 People dream about owning a home, even I do, but with little difference (may be uniqueness). I will build a house for sure, not for a living, only to serve as a shelter to my huge collection of books (fiction as well as non-fiction). Also, I will make it a free petty-library, without lending, inculcating the book - reading habit in children.

#4 My next one is to own a place, build with a huge customized kitchen and a farm land. The kitchen should be outfitted with the best collection of kitchen products, utensils and accessories. The farm should help me with all kinds of groceries, grown only under organic farming. This is exclusively for my most lovable big super-foodie better-half, who not just love but worship cooking. She would find irresistible to come out of this place when gifted and I am sure she can come up with more than enough innovating dishes. Nothing like watching your loved ones enjoy their time doing what they adore to do, right? 

#5 As a final point, I make sure to create a secured and blissful environment for my parents at their old-age. May be with a separate home in the heart of a calm and peaceful environment of the Wayanad hills of Kerala, most beautiful Western Ghats range over Malabar Coast, would assist them better. A super-comfortable vehicle that could cruise at the mountain range may add value to their peaceful living.  
Top 5 things in my Bucket List - Befikar Umar Bhar Top 5 things in my Bucket List - Befikar Umar Bhar Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 22:29 Rating: 5


  1. These are very noble thoughts my friend. I am completely with you on the travel front. It sure is a great way to learn and exchange with the world. I am planning a travel shortly. Hoping that all goes as planned :)

    1. Thank you Vinay. My best wishes for your plan. I think we can expect a bunch of inspirational articles/quotes from Inspire99 after your travel!


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