How River Helped Me Grow My Instagram Engagement by 1670%

Instagram has become one of the biggest social media platforms in recent years. After 2012, Instagram is witnessing more daily visitors; more than the micro-blogging platform Twitter.

Most of you use Instagram to showcase your photography skills. But once you understand the algorithm or how it works, you tend to go further up and scale your ratings.

More the reach, more is the possibility of your profile to get noticed. It will also enhance your social media presence. If your profile gets noticed, you will get business; simple!

Alright! Now it is clear that possibility of your profile to get noticed or attracted depends on how good your post are selling online. It may be regarding the number of likes, comments or your overall followers. Ultimately, it is about how many people visit your profile and engage with your posts.

You have to come up with a carefully strategized plan which not only scale-up your followers but also increase the engagement in your posts. You must keep the following things in mind before you come up with your strategy,

1. Right #hashtag strikes
2. Regular engagement with your co-Instagrammers
3. Being consistent
4. Maintaining a proper time
5. Good quality post

Your strategy must revolve around these key points so as to increase your visibility. But as you see for yourself, these action points cost you; not regarding money but in terms of time.

Yes! You must spend some quality time both while planning and execution (approx. 2-3 hours daily). Time is what plays a pivotal role in determining your success.

What if there is a platform that does all your planning, execution and also handles your profile on a daily basis? Doesn't it sound like taking away your worries? is a platform that is designed specifically to manage Instagram profiles. It offers to manage not just one or two but multiple/unlimited profiles at ease.

They have an expert team who does your daily work on Instagram. It includes liking and commenting other profiles; also follow and unfollow inactive users.

Trust me it's not spam. You could find numerous platforms on the web that provide you thousands of followers in a jiffy soon after you are done with your payment.

Get River (GR) is not just about increasing followers but more than that. It likes your favorite pictures or post and leaves a lovely comment there on behalf of you.

River initially catches hold of the #tags you have quoted for each and every post. They give significant weight to the #tags that are very popular and has more number of posts. You also get an option of scheduling the likes under each #tags. The likes will be queued up and will be completed.

When it comes to commenting, you don't have to worry about scheduling it. River uses machine learning to post comments. The great thing is they comment on the profiles with a good number of followers and fan base, which impacts your profile.

The surprising thing what I noted is, the comment will be on the photo or posts that you like the most. As a matter of fact, River team complements your thought process, which is one of the best things about them.

Once you start engaging with your peers in Instagram, your visibility will increase. Yes! Your post will see enormous likes and comments from across the globe. And what is even more pleasing is, all the likes and comments will be from the people who match up with your forte.

For example, if you are a photography enthusiast, you will receive engagements from the similar profiles. If you are a social media influencer, the likes and comments you receive for every post will be from the matching profiles. This is the highlight of Get River platform, unique and smart. In a way, it is their unique selling point (USP).

Get River offers you a free trial for a week. You can use it and see the boost in your profile.

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Honestly, I was overwhelmed with their Managed Package service in these seven days. My reach for every post went up like never before. Believe it or not! It touched millions in these seven days (reach). Previously, I struggled to touch four figure mark, but River team propelled up activity in my profile that in turn increased my followers and fan base as well.

Without wasting much of your time, try the free trial by and experience the huge boost in your Instagram engagement. 

Happy blogging! Happy Instagramming!
How River Helped Me Grow My Instagram Engagement by 1670% How River Helped Me Grow My Instagram Engagement by 1670% Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 20:28 Rating: 5


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