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Snacks are a major part in my daily food routine; I could even skip a meal but a piece of fruit, crispy fryums, bajji, vada or any munchies complete the day for me. But most of the munchies I prefer help me gain some extra fat and they are unhealthy or fried food. Though unhealthy directly equates to tasty food, I wouldn’t prefer them every other day. So when there is an option to opt for tasty plus healthy food I definitely wish to try. And one such online portal that curates and sells an array of snacks which would be a healthier substitute.

Snack Experts have a good collection of snacks and we can pick our choice of munchies based on taste or diet plan. They have savoury as well as sweet options that are vegan friendly, less on carbs and fats and high on protein and fibre; to know more about the snacks collection check out

I received a customised snack box with four snack pouches, which was picked by the Snack Experts for trial. I must give an extra emphasis on the packing as the snack box was neatly packed and this could easily be a great gifting option. The design of the snack pouch is yet another impressive feature with the airtight seal and product description in legible font. Once you open the pouch you don’t have to look out for containers to store the snacks and all you got to do is just seal them; that’s how snacks packing should be – handy and effortless to carry or store.

As I have mentioned before they are good number of snacks options to select from and the four snacks that I got were: Kodo Millet Crispies, Chocolate Flapjack, Original Seeds Flapjack and Dry Fruits Mix.

Murukku will always be a favourite Indian snack; whatsoever the shape or flavour be they easily top the list of crispy and tasty evening snack. Kodo Millet Crispies made out of kodo millet (Varagu in Tamil), moong dal, rice flour, urad dal and roasted gram was the best. Crispy and tasty; the addition of kodo millet did alter the taste.

The oats based snacks Chocolate Flapjack and Original Seeds Flapjack are high on fibre and the ingredients mix works as a meal by itself. Though flapjack wasn’t a favourite of mine in terms of taste but my whole family ranked that as the best.

The Dry Fruits Mix is a delicious snacking option; the mix of Raisins, Pineapple and Cranberries is delightful and I love dry fruits so this was really a great and ideal snack box for me.

Dry Fruits, Chocolate Flapjack, Original Flapjack & Millet Crispies
I just tried four of their snack varieties but there are more to explore but you can’t purchase just one snack pouch; you have to opt for a snack box in which you will have 5 snack pouches. And you can pick your five favourite snack varieties. So just for the first month you can opt for Trial Box which will have 3 snack pouches that will weigh 50g each and costs Rs.150 INR.

The other two snack boxes are Standard Box and Smart Snacker. The standard box will have 5 snack pouches that will weigh 150g each and costs Rs.699 INR. The smart snacker will have three boxes with 5 snack pouches in each that will weigh 150g each and the 3 boxes cost Rs.1799 INR. For more details about the snack box, variety, cost and delivery check their website

As the Snack Experts rightly say ‘Snacking can not only be fun but healthy too’.

Happy and healthy snacking guys!

P.S. Remember, no two person's palate can be same. This post is based on my experience of Snack Experts product which I got for tasting. 
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