The Interview

“So you are Karthik? Newly joined research scholar?” inquired an elderly man with a grin.

“Yes sir!” I replied softly.

“Area of specialisation?”

“Taxonomy, sir.” I was intrigued by that question.

He gave a broad smile, while having a conversation with his associates with tea.

I turned around to see my friend, Dinesh, who gave a mischievous smile. Dinesh referred me for this research position as he has worked there for the past three years. He knew about that particular person but did not utter a word, instead made this naughty gesture. 

“Who is he?” I was curious to know about that elderly person.

“You will know in a while,” he replied maintaining the same expression.

“So what do you think the name of this tree?” The elderly man interrupted them with a question pointing to the vilva tree that stood erect before them.

“There you go,” Dinesh giggled, hiding behind me.

“Vilva tree, sir” I am quite sure about it.

“Are you kidding me? Answer like a scholar!” He sounded furious.

What! Answer like a scholar!?...

I paused for a moment and said, “Aegle marmelos.” (It is the scientific name of Vilva tree.)

“Oh these kids!” He did not sound pleased with my answer. With an obnoxious look, he left the place.

I was pretty sure about the answer but the reaction was not comforting. I was infuriated hearing the discussion he was having with his associate while on the go. "I don't know when these guys are going learn instead of wasting time."

“Welcome to the club, Mr. Karthik,” Dinesh patted my shoulder and winked.

He said pointing to the elderly person, “Dr. Subramanian, Senior Scientist & Head, Department of Taxonomy.”
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“What?” I was aghast.

“By the way you are right, it is Aegle marmelos. He speaks as if he knows everything but actually knows nothing.”

“What the hell did you get me into?”

"Relax, it's just a beginning," Dinesh smirked wickedly.
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