Serein at the Serene Malabar Hills of Thane

Everybody is vying to find a dream location to construct their home. When I say dream location it means a lot, it must make us feel happy and cherish every day and every moment. Personally, I prefer picturesque natural landscape. Cool breeze swaying along the scent of lush greeneries amidst a mystic hill view is more than enough to stimulate your senses. Gushing waterfalls, chirping of birds, crazy wind, roaring animals just goes well with the thriving backdrop; noisy yet serene. The natural setting might impress you with its comforting ambience and calmness. However, you cannot expect high-rise buildings, modern infrastructure and feasible connectivity. Nature, infrastructure and connectivity are the three important elements most people look for in a particular location, before going for the construction. And that’s what I term as a dream location.

Yeoor hills
PC - Gautam Khetyal
Pokhran road 2, also known as Malabar Hill of Thane, is familiar for its rich natural setting, sky-rise buildings and well sought-after connectivity. Natural green locale is basically due to its proximity to Yeoor hills and Upvan Lake, which has striking and peaceful features. The whole area is experiencing a steadfast development with good medical and educational facilities. With commercial amenities like malls and multiplexes falling on places that is well within reach and good connectivity with Thane city and other central suburbs, Pokhran road 2 is a perfect example of social infrastructural development. It is undeniably an attractive place for anyone to reside.

Upvan lake
PC - Gautam Khetyal
Tata housing, one of the prestigious constructions, has put forth a wonderful plan – Project Serein – to be constructed at this pristine Malabar hill of thane. The prime idea behind this is wellness i.e. a perfect blend of natural ambience and luxury to be experienced and enjoyed by the buyers. Ideally the amenities include pet park, nature trail, lotus pond, forest boardwalk, park, sand pit, outdoor dining, skating area, organic farm and outdoor convenience store. With these eye-popping amenities in your kitty, Serein brings pride in your address. It is also a perfect example for safety and security.

Project Serein by Tata Housing
The theme wellness is well-researched and neatly executed. Be it the interiors or exteriors, everything have been designed and implemented with precision to enhance the senses. What is more impressive is the sustainability factor of the project. At the present age when real estate is growing at the cost of environment, Tata housing gives substantial importance to environment that is commendable. Among the list of greening features, here are a few that caught my attention - usage of native species for landscaping, natural ventilation to maintain indoor air quality and centralized waste management.  

Considering the location, its connectivity and social infrastructure, Wellness at Serein is a living amidst affluence and will be your home that make a legacy.
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