Eat like a King, Breakfast Buffet at Gossip Bistro, ECR Chennai

What: Breakfast Buffet at Gossip Fusion Bistro
Only on Saturday and Sunday, from 7.30 – 11 AM
Where: New 141, Old 191, Opposite HP Fuel Station, East Coast Road, Uthandi, Kanathur, Chennai
Cuisine: Continental, Cafe, Italian

Breakfast can make or break your day! A delicious and tasty plate of food to kick start a day would immensely cheer me. Even though I love my early morning nap, I equally love my food so after many failed plans I dropped at Gossip Bistro for their breakfast buffet. And I was an early bird so before the crowd hit the place I started enjoying the calm buffet floor.

Starting from cornflakes to the Continental and Indian breakfast items the buffet felt enormous for the price they offer them at. It starts with a variety of cornflakes, porridge, veggies, salad dressing, fruits, stack of breads, muffins, etc. The buffet arrangements were neatly done; but when it comes to cornflakes or salads I had to go through a struggle, as the food is wrapped and placed in glass bowls it gives a hard time to hold heavy plate in one hand and unwrap, serve the food using another.

So for the first round, I grabbed a bowl of cornflakes with warm milk (they have cold milk too), cinnamon roll, breads, hash brown, vegetable cutlet, red beans, croissant and grilled tomatoes with cheese. A special mention to the cinnamon roll, it was soft, light, deliciousness personified and I loved it. And all their bread varieties deserve a mention, they were perfectly baked and I loved pairing them with flavoured butter and jams. Each time I want butter or jam I must ask the staff so it would be great if they place them on the table.

As I was spreading the butter, the Masala Omelette made its way to the table which I ordered before grabbing my first round. So they make eggs to order, just let them know your choice and it’s done. The mild spices, veggies and right seasoning made the omelette thoroughly enjoyable.

Going back to the continental breakfast counter, I loved the fact that they didn’t serve canned beans or processed items. A well-seasoned hash brown but I would have enjoyed a slightly toastier version; but still they were potatoes so I did eat them. But the vegetable cutlet lacked the seasoning but the tangy red beans gravy and cheesy grilled tomatoes were good. Besides this they also have sausage, boiled egg and Minute Steak.

While munching down the food, you could order for beverages too which either can be cold or hot. The hot beverages include tea, coffee and cold beverages include fresh fruit juices, rose milk, etc. We tried pineapple juice, watermelon juice and rose milk; without any additives like sugar the fresh fruit juices were refreshing. But the rose milk didn’t appeal me, it was diluted a lot and I couldn’t sense the flavour of rose essence.

And for the next couple of rounds, it was Idli and Chicken curry. Oh yes, the chicken curry is and will be the sole reason why I was in total love with the buffet. The juicy chicken in the simple yet finger-licking delicious curry was phenomenal. So when I got bored of idli, I ordered for dosa. The dosa is made to order; so ghee roast, masala dosai, uttappam and many more as you please.

The Indian breakfast spread also had Kesari, Medhu Vada, Bonda, Kichadi, Idiyappam, Ragi Idiyappam, Sambhar, Chutneys (coconut, mint and tomato) and Vegetable Stew. The dry consistency of the idiyappam was the only flaw I could point. And in terms of taste, I loved everything else. As the chicken curry was phenomenal the sambhar and chutneys took a back seat for me but they were equally good.

Chicken Curry <3
They did have a good number of veggies and dressings to make your own salad; I hate salads but the salad fanatic next to me (my mom) paired the colourful veggies, cheese, nuts and salad dressings together on the plate; they have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian (chicken) option. The moment she went for second round of salad proves that she loved and enjoyed the salad.

And that wasn’t the end to the breakfast, we ordered for coffee and tea along with waffle and pancake. Oh my, oh my! The hot, fluffy pancake and the crispy yet soft waffles with maple syrup, chocolate sauce and whipped cream stole the show. They don’t make eggless version so the pancake and waffle are with eggs. I still regret that I couldn’t eat more; I wish I had an extra tummy!

That lavish, unlimited buffet spread costs Rs. 399 INR per person without tax (Rs. 431 INR per person with tax). I loved the buffet, though there were minor issues with a few dishes, overall it was a huge hit for me. But the options for vegetarians would definitely be less and that is the scenario at most buffet.

Breaking Down Points
Ambience: A simple yet funky décor serves perfect for a casual dining.
Food Variety: Strictly speaking of breakfast, the variety is massive.
Taste: Yes there were a few things which I wish were better but in total I loved the food’s taste. I continue to crave over a few of their dishes.
Quality & Quantity: They score well when it comes to the arrangement of buffet spread, quality and unlimited quantity of the food. I know the crowd gets overwhelming but it wasn’t an efficient service during breakfast so they must look into that.
Price: The cost for two is Rs.850 INR approx., for the breakfast buffet. And it’s totally worth each penny you spend – reasonable and value for money.  

So my Verdict!
Breakfast buffet at Gossip Bistro! The spread is huge and food is delicious, also they will be light on your pocket and heavy on your tummy. A good breakfast can make or break your day, and they made my day awesome.

P.S. Remember, no two person's palate can be same. 

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