Incredible Leh and the things you must Experience..

Leh, former capital of Ladakh (Himalayan kingdom), is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir must be a part of your travel goals and is truly a dream destination. The mysterious roads, the prettiest landscapes, the high passes, the cozy weather and the delicious food makes this place nothing less than a dream. And whenever you travel to this beautiful place, which I call ‘heaven on earth’, make sure you experience all the things I am listing here.
Here’s my five most favorite things every traveler must experience during their trip to Leh. Also find some eye-popping deals for your winter accessories with Amazon coupons. 

Dessert Ride in the ATR
As you travel to the cold dessert of India, Nubra Valley, don’t forget to take a ride in the ATR. The breathtaking views, driving through the sand dunes and the cold breeze passing through your skin shall be an incredible experience. Though many suggest the double-hump camel ride in the valley, my pitch is for the ATR drive as the experience is unique and I love the adrenaline rush.

Click Picture near Signboards of Highest Passes
As you drive through two of the highest passes to reach Nubra Valley and Pangong Tso, make sure you capture some pictures near the signboard at the passes. The Khardung La pass (18380 ft.) is the highest motorable road in the world and an important milestone as you drive to Nubra Valley. And on the journey to Pangong Tso, you travel via Changla pass that is 17586 ft. (second highest motorable road) and the drive is fantabulous.  

Eat the Tibetan Food
The hot and delicious Tibetan food will be perfect for the weather at Leh. Try to explore the local food. The piping hot steamed momos, the spicy chowmein, the warm bowl of thukpa and the endless other varieties are not just good for the weather but tastes amazing. With high altitude changes affecting your body, the local food seemed like a better diet.
Night Sky Watching at Pangong Tso
Camping near the saltwater lake, Pangong Tso must be a part of your trip. The beautiful color of the lake with a picturesque backdrop of the snow-capped mountains during the daylight is an incredible sight to capture. As the sun sets and go below the horizon, tiny sparkling stars come out and decorate the sky.  Gazing the glittering stars and night sky as you sit near the lake is an experience that cannot be put in words.

Give Rest to Gadgets and Capture Memories via your eyes
I love my camera but I also believe you cannot capture the true essence of nature within a device. So give some rest to the gadgets and make sure you click pictures with your senses. The moments you capture through your eyes and memories you remember shall flash before you every time you close your eyes. That’s what travel is all about.

As you experience these things on your trip to Leh, don’t forget to carry the necessary travel accessories and dresses for your trip. As the weather is unpredictable, pack enough winter wear. The sunglasses, jerkins, caps, boots and gloves come handy during the ATR ride or while playing with the snow. You can avail handful discounts on accessories using amazon promo code.
Incredible Leh and the things you must Experience.. Incredible Leh and the things you must Experience.. Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 21:42 Rating: 5


  1. Wow sounds amazing... Especially the night sky watching... Memories are elixir of true... Not only you But we love ur camera tooo, so post more pics,coz ur words have triggered our senses to experience it..

  2. Wow sounds amazing... Especially the night sky watching... Memories are elixir of true... Not only you But we love ur camera tooo, so post more pics,coz ur words have triggered our senses to experience it..

    1. Sure I won't stop taking pictures. Meanwhile, I also love to click a picture of such wonderful experiences n store it in my brain so that I could retrieve it whenever needed. Thanks for your compliments.

  3. That was a fantastic collection. When I went to Ladakh, I wasn't able to do any night photography. That's the part I need to learn. However, Ladakh was one memorable trip. Sharing with you, our journey - Feel free to check out! :)

    1. You need not do photography, just watching and admiring the night sky is more than enough. Thanks for comment Parul and welcome to creatikaa.

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