5 most searched Indian movies 2016 on Google

Which Indian movie sparked most interest this year? Was it bhai’s Sultan or thalaiva superstar’s Kabali? These two movies were undoubtedly the most successful movies of 2016 and also received mass recognition for the performances. Even though, there were many successful movies this year, only five made it to the list. This list is completely based on the popular search engine - Google.

Google recently released the most searched items of 2016. The list includes people, things, news, movies, actors, etc. Being a movie fanatic, I looked into the list of movies and found an interesting pattern.

Alright, let’s see the movie and then analyse the pattern. Here we go…


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s blockbuster movie Sultan tops the chart with most number of searches. Sultan is about a 40-year old wrestler, who comes back strongly learning mixed martial arts not only to win the international level tournament but also his lost love. It is one of the flawless performances ever seen on screen in recent times. The transformation from a flabby government servant to a muscular martial artist is simply phenomenal.


Kabali is less on stardom and more on emotion. It focuses more on the Tamil Malaysian community, their problems, treatment, livelihood, how they tackle it and get rid of it. Superstar Rajinikanth with his stylish walks, razor-sharp expressions, majestic body language and ferocious dialogues attract the viewers.

Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab is one of the daring movies ever made in Indian Cinema. It portrays the present situation of Punjab and the rising drug abuse with flair and conviction. Performances from all the actors were widely recognized in this movie. Alia, Shahid, Kareena, Diljit and every other actor has done their role to perfection.


Airlift is a flawless attempt of an incredible true story. Ranjith Katyal, Kuwait-based Indian businessman risks his own life to rescue the stranded countrymen, when Iraq invades Kuwait. Akshay Kumar was simply brilliant with his grin looks and negotiations. Nimrat Kaur once again proved her worth with her smart way of selecting stories.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

With some ear-soothing, heart-breaking music and power-packed cast & crew, Karan Johar revisited romance and relationships in his own debatable style. There were some brilliant performances from lead actors and mesmerizing songs despite the flawed storyline.

We have witnessed thousands of movies this year, good movies perhaps. I have watched quite a few and was very much pleased with some of them. But watching these names on top of the list kept me wondering about the possible reason. 

Without any doubt, money play a huge role here. As you can see, four out of five movies are from Bollywood, which is the richest movie industry in our country. So its clear - More you pitch, more is the possibility to get noticed!

After money, one definite possibility could be the stardom. It might be the actors, directors, producers or even music directors. See the name for yourself.

Salman Khan!!!
Akshay Kumar!!!
Karan Johar!!!

But that’s not all. Although, the star value is greatly appreciated there is one more element that can bring upon a tremendous reach. Going by the above list, how do you think Udta Punjab featured in the list? Star value? I don't think so! There is something more than stardom to that movie. Controversy it is! Yes, you heard it right.

One element that can bring about a massive reach without stardom is Controversy. Udta Punjab is about controversy. Ae dil hai mushkil is about controversy. Airlift is about controversy. There are a lot more movies to be featured in that list. Just give it a thought, you will come up with a bunch of movies.

Controversy is the hot tool or a strategy to scale-up the reach and mint money. I must say it is the most successful promotional model. 

But on a ethical note, don't you think these controversies are even true? or marketing ideas?
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  1. Yeah, the generation of romance fans is gradually giving way to controversies now. Perhaps, it is a good sign of a societal change. Nice compilation Gowtham.

    1. Rightly said Nadhini. There is a shift in people's taste. Thanks for the compliments.

  2. i was reading about kabali's progress in google, this film has broken many records in the case of earnings in India and worldwide.

    1. Right. Kabali is one of the best movie both in terms of quality and financial success. You must watch it once.

  3. True that. Controversies work better than stardom now. And, the same goes for negative publicity.
    I've seen all the above movies except the last one.

    Wish you and your better half a wonderful 2017, Gowthama. Happy New Year... :-)


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