Datsun Redi-Go - A Compact Crossover

A long drive with your loved one sitting alongside can always bring in an unconditional happiness. The joy of riding a car in a hot sunny day is not just fun but also refreshing.

I love driving and would always look forward for a long drive. My first car driving experience was with Hindustan Motor’s Ambassador, way back at late 90’s when I was in Middle school. I was totally carried away by its magnificence and maneuverability. It was absolutely fascinating to hit the road seated within a comfortable (sometimes even luxurious) ambiance. From then I have driven and enjoyed various cars. Some way or other every car has their own drawbacks. Be it with features, fuel economy, maintenance, safety, it poses a grave threat for an owner or a driver.

Datsun Redi-Go
Recently Nissan automobiles unveiled its new hatchback edition under its brand Datsun, Redi-Go. Datsun, Nissan’s oldest brand, started its operation at 1931 and was stopped at 1986 for the reason secret to Nissan themselves. The brand was resurrected again at 2013 as a low-cost edition manufactured for emerging markets. They have launched five models until then, namely – Datsun Go, Datsun Go+, Datsun on-Go, Datsun me-Go and the recent one Redi-Go.

Datsun Redi-Go, an urban crossover, is another low-cost addition with attractive design and smart features, initially intended for Indian market. The model is launched with five variants – D, A, T, T (O) and S. The prices start from 2.38 lakh and go up to 3.34 lakhConsidering its price and its features, it can serve as a valuable alternative for all highly-priced models available in Indian market.

Datsun Redi-Go – The Smart Way

Drive Computer and shift Indicator
Technology has been used in an efficient way making the rider smart while he get pleasure from a comfortable and safer ride. Most of the cars worry about pet bottles and coffee cans as they have ideal places for the same; mobile phones or tablets are generally ignored. Redi-Go introduced a mobile docking system not just to hold your Smartphone but also to access it. You can take calls, text your friend and also listen to music both from your playlist and internet radio, all through Redi-Go’s speakers. Modern digital tachometer is another smart yet stylish feature that offers mileage, fuel consumption, speed, and also indicate an ideal time to shift gear. Really smart Isn’t it?

Datsun Redi-Go – The Comfortable way

Being a car enthusiast, I prefer long trips over the shorter one. The longer trips are memorable only when you get ultra comfort with your ride otherwise it turns other way around. Datsun Redi-Go focuses more on the comfort of the passengers with ultra cooling air-conditioning system with smart vent design and power window control at your finger tips; the low-fatigue seats being the best among the lot.

Datsun Redi-Go – The Safer Way

Body Structure
I was taken aback after seeing the crash test results of Indian car manufacturers last week in a leading daily. With superior body frame and structure, I hope Redi-Go withstands even extreme collisions. It also features a driver airbag that can protect him/her from any unavoidable crash.

I would recommend side-impact airbags as well in this edition for better safety. With that, I reckon Datsun Redi-go could seal a seat from even strongest competitors. 

I would love to test drive this exciting edition at my home town, Chennai as I am quite familiar with the traffic conditions. Looking forward!

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.
(This is a promotional post written for Datsun Redi-Go. Picture Source)
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