One Flabbergasting Thai Food Experience - Absolute Thai - Restaurant Review

Outlet: Teynampet
Address: Cenotaph Road, Opposite Lanson Toyota, Teynampet.
Cuisine: Thai

Thai food always manage to blossom novel taste and essence to the food experience. But I am always sceptical while choosing food in Asian Cuisine; because you either love or hate the flavours and there is never a two-way/neutral point. The food speaks for itself. Their choice of spices,  ingredients, cooking process and flavour combinations have always amazed me. I was delighted to dine at Absolute (Abs) Thai even after looking at their pricing as it was a friend's treat (thanks to the friend, who doesn't want his name to be revealed).

Absolute Thai - Teynampet Chennai - Restaurant Review
Absolute Thai
Located on the main Cenotaph road, it is easy to spot them. No worries on parking with the huge resting space for vehicles. Coming to Abs Thai's ambience; the crepuscular lightings, letters encryption and elegant furniture amplifies the experience. And then comes the important component, The Food. The menu card definitely seems Greek-n-Latin; with food-names and description that are tough to pronounce and comprehend. So I went with my friends choice with few occasional nods as I wasn't ready to take the blame of ordering unpalatable food!

Absolute Thai - Teynampet Chennai - Restaurant Review
Absolute Thai

Absolute Thai - Teynampet Chennai - Restaurant Review
Abs Thai
There came the refreshing lemon juice shots and Mian Kham (similar to pan), which helped to enjoy the waiting time. Mian Khan is mostly the reason behind my Thai restaurant visits; that tiny spinach leaf rolled with all the toppings (they provide) is a bombshell in the mouth. Almost all the dishes turned out to be a favourite as we started tasting them; and here comes the food.

Absolute Thai - Teynampet Chennai - Restaurant Review
Mian Kham

Absolute Thai - Teynampet Chennai - Restaurant Review - Soup
Veg Soup
Tom Kha Soup Veg - The coconut soup almost stew's consistency with a pinch of spice tasted "Brilliant". Was amazed again seeing the usage of unique vegetables. The craving for more makes it a definite winner. Slurrp!
Tom Yum Talay - Seafood lovers enjoyed the soup thoroughly but my choice is the Veg Coconut one.

Absolute Thai - Teynampet Chennai - Restaurant Review - starters
Rice Tartlets with Baby Corn
Veg: Khoa Pod Tod Namprikpow & Tohu Bai Toey - The crispy rice tartlets basket with roasted chilli baby corns bursted out of flavours. Wasn't ready to share but didn't have much options; Best one! The latter, tofu wrapped in pandan leaf and fried wasn't good. If you aren't a tofu fan just forget this. A chunk of tofu that is fried and tastes perfectly bland. Even the sauces couldn't save them from the misery. Opting for the same dish with Chicken would be good as I have tried it before and it tasted great.

Absolute Thai - Teynampet Chennai - Restaurant Review - starters
Tofu and Chicken Grilled
Non-veg: Satay Gai & Goong Pao - The minced chicken (Gai) patties skewed and grilled was a good pick. I wished for infusion of more spiciness and flavours but that apart the dish tasted fine. The Goong (Prawn) was a hit among the prawn lovers (as I didn't taste it). It would get messy as you open the leaf, take the grilled prawns and bite into them. The salad given aside was extra special; I would prefer a bowl full of salad alone.

Absolute Thai - Teynampet Chennai - Restaurant Review - Mains
Rice, Soupy Noodles, Red Curry & Rice
Khao Phat Bai Gaprou Veg - The spicy Thai basil rice was packed with flavours. They never really need a curry but till the droolicious Thai-green curry is a good match.
Khao Nung - What could possibly go wrong with steamed rice! Nothing :-D
Kaeng Kiew Wan Veg - The gravy consistency and aroma speaks volume for their excellence in Thai cuisine. Taste-worthy green curry which I enjoyed in recent times! Curry & Rice - that's comfort food for me!
Kaeng Ped Goong - Thai red curry with prawns; another must try. If you aren't a prawn fan then go for other picks but the gravy again stole the show.
Lad Na Gai - Never liked gravy noodles so I happily skipped the dish. Others did enjoy the soupy-chicken noodles; but this dish was just a runner after unanimous victory of the curry.
A sip of lemon grass tea to cleanse our palate before indulging into the dessert.

Absolute Thai - Teynampet Chennai - Restaurant Review - Mains
Absolute Thai - Teynampet Chennai - Restaurant Review
Lemon Juice and Tea
Dessert - Guray Tod - The banana fritters with ice-cream couldn't go wrong. The toasted nuts and coconut flake adds texture and balances the sweetness. Too costly considering the portion size and banana price in reality!

Absolute Thai - Teynampet Chennai - Restaurant Review - desserts
Banana Fritters
I wasn't completely heart-broken seeing the bill as it was a treat. But a bill of Rs. 5242 (tax inclusive) for 14 dishes; though pricey it was worth!

Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Good. Easy to find and spacious enough for vehicles to relax.
Ambience: Good. Scores well. Sticks well to their restaurant theme.
Food Variety: Good. Upper hand with non-veg dishes but the vegetarians won't be disappointed with the choices.
Taste: Positive. The show stopper! Taste stole the show.
Quality: Positive. A added gem to their crown. Loved the presentation and quality of ingredients used.
Quantity: Average. They have to think about increasing the portion size for the price they charge. Sharing wouldn't be a good option here.
Service: Good. Prompt and attentive, no grumble.
Pricing: Ok. "Expensive" is a tag they carry all along. Considering the food and prices at similar Thai restaurants in Chennai; yes, it seems okay.

My Favourites: Tom Kha Soup, Khoa Pod Tod Namprikpow, Thai Green and Red Curry.

So my Verdict!
Absolute Thai. Almost flawless journey into the Thai cuisine. They definitely deserve a crown as a token of appreciation for their food, taste, quality and service. The trouble arises when we take our most-precious paper/card (money) from the wallet. You can't avoid the damage incurred but it's worth it. Hope the portion size is changed which can add happiness. I felt with happy tummy! Spectacular Thai show.

P.S. The write-up is based on my food palate & dining experience during my restaurant visit. Remember, no two person's palate can be same.

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One Flabbergasting Thai Food Experience - Absolute Thai - Restaurant Review One Flabbergasting Thai Food Experience - Absolute Thai - Restaurant Review Reviewed by Divya Srinivasan on 15:23 Rating: 5

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