There is No Food & Biriyani without Salt! - Salt - Restaurant Review

Outlet: Vadapalani
Address: 2nd Floor, Forum Vijaya Mall, Arcot Road, Vadapalani.
Cuisine: North Indian, South Indian

Malls have become one of Chennai's prominent hangout destination after the beaches. They can be perfect spot for a loner or a family or friends. Their extravagant shopping options, stylish cine-theatres and plenty of food joints add glamour to the experience. And Forum Vijaya Mall at Vadapalani happens to be my new-favourite as its relatively close to my house. I prefer the fine dining restaurants in malls especially during the weekends to safeguard myself from the packed food court.

Salt Restaurant Review - Vijaya Forum Mall
Salt Restaurant

Salt Restaurant Review - Vijaya Forum Mall
Salt Restaurant

After much ravings about the Biriyani at Salt, I landed at the restaurant for a Sunday lunch. And I must admit they didn't disappoint atleast with the Biriyani that I visited them second time within a short-span. The ambience grabs our attention; the visual-delight through the framed photo collections, the centrally placed elegant book-shelf and majestic wooden boat are hard to go unnoticed. Though tasted a few from their huge menu; here's my likes & dislikes about food I ate:

Fish Wada - Salt's version of Fish 'n' Chips that comes with fish patties, chilli mayo, salad & fries. The patties were palatable but they weren't even near crispness and was too dry; eating them without the sides would be a bad option. The refreshing veggies 'n' chickpea salad and crunchy fries were spot-on.

Salt Restaurant Review - Vijaya Forum Mall - Fish Wada
Fish Wada

Salt Restaurant Review - Vijaya Forum Mall - Chicken
Chicken Jingle Bells - This was a special seasonal dish; so wasn't part of the regular menu. The tangy-chilli medley worked so well on the chicken that was cooked faultless. It indeed reminded Chilli Chicken; look- and taste-wise.  

Rice Cheese Balls - Another seasonal addition to the menu. The rice-cheese mix oozes out as you bite through the crispy outer coat. A cheesy stuffing with a miss on the flavours as they started to taste bland after few bites. The sauce and salad were a perfect match to the dish.  

Main Course
Roomali Roti - Soft and light as well perfect for the rich Paneer Makhani.
Paneer Makhani - Alert: Richness Overloaded. Though a small portion size the richness quotient makes it heavy. Tasted delicious!

Salt Restaurant Review - Vijaya Forum Mall - Cheese Balls
Rice Cheese Balls
Salt Restaurant Review - Vijaya Forum Mall - Roti and Paneer
Paneer & Roti

Biriyani - Egg, Chicken and Mutton - The luscious line up of pot biriyani. A pleasure to all senses with right balance of spices spread across the aromatic basmati rice; a complete bliss. The 'Mutton' was easily a best pick as it creates magic with the essence of ghee and spices.

Salt Restaurant Review - Vijaya Forum Mall - Biriyani
Mutton & Chicken Biriyani
Salt Restaurant Review - Vijaya Forum Mall - Egg Biriyani
Egg Biriyani
To Cool us Down before the Bill ;-)
Chennai Sun City & Chocolate Milkshake -  A hot mocktail that's refreshing and helps to kill the heaviness of the food. Whereas the latter, chills down the tummy with ice-cold chocolate milk.
Salt Restaurant Review - Vijaya Forum Mall - Drinks
Hot Mocktail & Choco Milkshake
Elaneer Payasam - The fragrance of tender coconut fills the air as a mud-bowl with chilled payasam is put forth the table. The tiny coconut pieces balances the sweetness to elevates the flavours of Elaneer Payasam. An elite dessert!

Salt Restaurant Review - Vijaya Forum Mall - Elaneer Payasam
Elaneer Payasam
During each my visits, the total injure to the wallet was approximately Rs. 1500 INR (tax inclusive) for two persons. Certainly a costly experience which would be worthy for the biriyani. The service was top-notch; they were courteous and prompt, which I loved.

Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Positive. Most happening location of Vadapalani with no worries on the parking (of course the charges are extra).
Ambience: Positive. A neat and aristocratic ambience inconsideration to a mall.
Food Variety: Good. Fine number of dishes! But considering the price its best to go for buffet (which is only on selective days I suppose).
Taste: Good. Except the biriyani it's nothing worth raving. Taste is good.
Quality: Good. The presentation grabs an applause. As well the quality of food they serve is laudable.
Quantity: Ok. Portion size is enough to share between two. For the price we pay its a less quantity.
Service: Good. Almost flawless.
Pricing: Negative. This hurts! Though the taste, quality and locality comes into picture, the price we pay is pretty huge. It's definitely "Extremely Expensive".

My Favorites: Mutton Biriyani and Elaneer Payasam

So my Verdict!
Salt, a sophisticated dining journey. As the ambience, presentation, food quality and service gets an standing-ovation there as well are flaws that needs attention. Though it tastes great, it's only the 'Biriyani' that gets the highest praising. The experience comes with a hefty price so be prepared. An Elite Dining!

P.S. This write-up is based on my food palate & dining experience during my restaurant visit. Remember, no two person's palate can be same. 

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There is No Food & Biriyani without Salt! - Salt - Restaurant Review There is No Food & Biriyani without Salt! - Salt - Restaurant Review Reviewed by Divya Srinivasan on 13:06 Rating: 5

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