Wazir - Movie Review

It was the eye-popping lead, which compelled me to watch this movie. Farhan and Bachchan were literally glittering on the screen. Be it the poster, placard, teaser or even the trailer, these charming duo astonishes you by all means.

Wazir Movie Review
Wazir Movie Review
Wazir is a meaty revenge thriller with neat writing backed up by some power pack performances. Bejoy Nambiar, who earned as a noteworthy director of Bollywood with his previous outings (Shaitaan and David), proves his mark yet again.

Alright, let’s see which element can make you stay seated throughout the movie and which element would have been better. This review is all about story, screenplay, music and performances.

What makes you stay seated?

Performance by the lead actors stands apart in this movie. Bollywood badshah Amitabh Bachchan comes up with yet another astounding performances. He seems to be very choosy in recent times. Last year it was Piku and Shamitabh, now 2016 started with Wazir. He is witty, brainy and poignant. He also seeks vengeance. He is adoringly brilliant. Farhan Akhtar with muscular physique and grin look perfectly fits into the role of an officer of anti-terrorist squad. He has been portrayed with intense anger, loss and guilt; his expressions show it all. Aditi Rao is just gorgeous like a doll throughout the movie.  Her suave expression made me remember Mastani for a while.

There were some roaring moments in the movie, especially when Neil Nitin Mukesh, Game of Throne fame and the hot-n-sweet John Abraham appears on the screen. 

Wazir has a strong plot written by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. It is strong enough to make the viewers seated irrespective of the other elements. Wazir is a tale of two friends brought together by grief of losing their daughters, a wheelchair-bound chess grandmaster and a daring ATS officer. The two men decide to help each other to win the biggest games of their lives. But there's a puzzling and precarious opponent loitering in the darkness; he changes the entire game and is all set to checkmate them. Whether these men outplay him or fall for him is what continues for the rest of the movie.

Screenplay brings the viewers to the corner of the seat. Wazir is all about decent writing. Dialogues Abhijit Deshpande & Gazal Dhaliwal is crisp yet powerful. Editing by Vidhu Vinod Chopra & Abhijat Joshi is quick keeping the scenes crisp and ideal. The gunfire sequence has been marvelously handled by the editors and cinematographer as it chills down our spine. Sanu Varghese (cinematographer) is simply superb with his lens.

Followed by the experimental success of Music composition in David (employing many composers), Bejoy chooses the same path in this movie as well. The songs came out well adding value to the visuals. Starting from the ear-soothing Tera bin, tu mera pass, ghazal-style maula to the jazzy athrangi yaari (my personal favourite), everything seems to be a decent one. The background score by Rohit Kulkarni is simply scintillating.

What would have been better?

There are some logical glitches. One such is Wazir’s interference into Minister’s line (phone-tapping scene). The plotline towards the end seems to have diluted compared to the powerful approach followed in the first half. Due to which the predictability factor increases.

Wazir’s main success is its time limit. It runs for the total of 102 minutes, thanks to the disciplined editing, giving no chance for the viewers to loosen up. The most interesting part is how Vidhu Vinod chopra inculcated Chess into the plot. I would say he handled it beautifully.


Wazir will surely impress you with its strong plot, supporting music and excellent performances.

My Rating

Story - 4 / 5
Screenplay - 3.5 / 5
Music - 3.5 / 5
Performances - 4.5 / 5

Watch the trailer here...
Wazir - Movie Review Wazir - Movie Review Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 16:14 Rating: 5


  1. It's a great movie... I loved everything except the ending!

  2. I have to watch it now. Looks like an amazing flick. I can overlook those plot glitches.

    1. Watch it soon Saru. You will love it. It is a wonderful movie.

  3. Nice take :) I needed Wazir to keep my remaining belief in Bollywood there :)


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