There is something waiting for you...?!?

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Letting out her cute little face from the pink quilt, she was asleep. Her innocent yet glowing little face looked absolutely stunning against the dim light of the night lamp. Her smooth muscles and arresting tresses were totally at peace, relaxed. Those lustrous eyes were covered by her soft lids, just like the soft petals sitting over the attractive pollen. She looked absolutely remarkable and I stood there for a moment, standstill.

I inched closer, went near her ear and whispered, ‘Happy birthday Sweetheart,’ caressing her soft-n-silky hair.

She rather gave me a sluggish whine, crawling like a baby.

‘Hey darling, wake up! There is something waiting for you,’ I winked.

She woke up from the bed right away hearing those words. As you know, girls are fond of surprises. She literally pushed me aside and ran to the hallway to see a sealed cake box. Startled, she rushed towards it and noticed a thin paper strip over the box with a note. And it says…

Hey Beautiful,
You look incredible in this night dress but if at you wanna taste me, you gotta wear a new one. What are you thinking, just go change and come back. I can’t wait to taste you!
BTW, where do you keep your dresses??

Her lustrous eyes balls lumped out in excitement after reading those puzzling lines. Giving a cute and tiny smirk, she scuttled towards the wardrobe, anticipating new outfit.

There, behind the doors she found a cover containing a pink and purple shalwar material. It was her favourite colour and the mango design over the top was just lovely to match her complexion. Yet she looked confused as the note asked her for change of attire. She pulled out that material out of the cover and hoped in. There she found another thin paper strip with a note. It says…

Hey Sweetie,
I know you’ll love it. But there is another one in the offing, which you can wear now. Look out for your washing friend. Hurry, clock is ticking!
BTW, you look stunning!!!

‘Washing friend?! Who is that?’ She gave a thought about it for a moment and went straight ahead to the washing machine. Opening the upper dock, she found another strip saying…

Ahh! Look at you; your glittering eyes are just melting my heart. But I am sorry; I don’t have your thing. Wait a minute,
My sweet friend is awaiting you in your room.

Her patience is running out as she started rumbling something giving me an intent look. Somehow, she was motivated enough to crack another puzzle and she sprinted into her living room and started exploring the entire room as never before. But to her dismay, she couldn’t find anything. Hopelessly, she sat on the bed and took a deep breath.

Watching her fruitless little expression, I hoped in and said, ‘Read the clue again dear.’

She curiously leaf through the clue again. This time she noticed that ‘your room’ has been underlined. This jolted her wits and realized that there is something fishy about that particular syllable. She repeated it again and again aloud and finally something caught her attention. It was kitchen. She loves cooking and obviously that's her favourite room in our home.

Who will be the sweet friend in kitchen, except sugar?

She opened the sugar container to see another strip that says…

I envy you as you are sweeter than me. But seeing your eyes gives me an indescribable happiness. The new dress is with your best buddy who hangs around you most of the time.
Go ahead my sweetie pie!

Now I can see a smile on her face as she is pretty confident about getting her clothes. Who else can hand around her throughout a day except her hand bag? She enjoys cracking riddles and completes it in a jiffy.

She spotted her bag in a whiz and found beautiful sleepless tops, not one but three, inside. She was taken aback by its striking colour and fashionable look. Now she started hitting her head in choosing one from that lot to open the cake box. Somehow, she was convinced wearing a black-with-pink top. It also has some tiny green patches around the corner enhancing the visual appeal of the attire. It was a fitting outfit harmonizing her complexion. 

Mango-Italian Festa Cake
She excitingly opened the box and was awe-struck to see her ever-favourite ice-cream cake, which she was craving to taste. The Mango-Italian Festa cake was her dream come true experience. Before slitting the cake into pieces she was interrupted by another paper strip, which barged in from over the box cover.

‘Now what?’ she screamed and rushed into the strip.

Sorry to dash your ice-cream hopes sweetie, but there is one last thing waiting for you. Just a little spark on this already glittering beauty. I won’t take much of your time this time as it might play spoilsport.
Just look out for the red box in your hand bag! Hurry, Ice-cream is melting! 

Giving me a curious look, she jumped inside her bag. After a serious exploration, she found the said Red Box. It’s a jewel box and her heart started pumping in high pace, opening it.
Kiss of Love
Inside she found an attractive diamond embossed heart shaped outline kissed by a beautiful gold fairy. It’s a pendant. She was into it for quite some time, admiring its magnificence and majestic charm. I ordered it from Stylori, an ultimate online destination for everyday fashion jewellery.

I have been on a hunt to select a perfect match for my love and was exploring anything and everything in jewelry retailers but wasn’t pleased though. The not-so-cool design and the over-the-limit price put me into catch-22 situation. It was the Stylori that brought about a feel-good factor in jewellery selection. Be it its elegant craftsmanship, super-stylish designs, ample collections, sensible pricing or timely service and support, Stylori make an impression in everything.

In a flash, she replaced the new one with the old pendant in her necklace. The pendant looked wonderful hanging around her collar. Merely astonished by the series of gifts, she embraced me; tears started flowing down her eyes.

After enjoying the delectable ice-cream cake, with a mischievous smile, she inched close my ears and whispered, ‘There is something waiting for you!’


p.s. this post is a sketch of my imagination for Stylori jewellery from the heart contest organised in partnership with Chennai Bloggers Club.

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  1. Excellent imagination Sir ;) :P

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    1. Thank you Priyan. Welcome to Creatikaa and sharing your thoughts. I'd love to see you again. Keep visiting :-)

  3. Even I was getting impatient to discover the final gift! :-D Read the post in a supersonic speed :-D :-D Very, very nicely written..truly appreciable.. (y)

    1. Glad you loved it Maniparna. Thanks for the appreciation.

  4. Very well woven story. Great read.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Indrani. Hope you enjoyed it.

  5. A delightful read, Gowthama. Well conceived. Need to learn some romantic tips from you ;)

    1. Ha ha... You are a romantic person Ravish. Thanks for the comments and compliments.


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