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Outlet: Kilpauk (Other outlets)

Address: 16, Manikeshwari Road, Opp CSI Bain School, Kilpauk, Chennai.
Phone: 044 30925960

Cuisine: Bakery, Desserts, Italian, Chinese, Continental, Fast Food

Overall Rating: 4/5

Zomato Handle: Divya Srinivasan

Never Miss: Tarts (almond tart), Choc Truffle, Soy Chicken with Egg Fried Rice, Veg Creamy Tomato Pasta

Though heard and seen their outlets I never really got a chance to dine at Parfait 3. It was the **Sammienator** invite for cake mixing event that pulled me to the Parfait 3 at Kilpauk. Shouldn’t be hard to locate the place with some mapping hunt via google. Located at the exact opposite road from CSI Bain School, a little walk inside the Manikeshwari street and you can find the bakers on your right.

The place looks small and cozy going handy with the Baker tag. There isn’t much to boast about the ambience; there focus is more on the food side. Coming to the food for the evening, we had our set of predefined menu to taste with a complete course – Soup – Salads - Starters – Main Course – Dessert. Being a food meet, I couldn’t comment as well as find fault with the service or pricing. But the service was definitely top-notch considering the people count.

Let me indulge in the food part before it gets boring. We ate so much that you got to hold your appetite and be patient till I list about everything I gulped in. Here’s the take on the yum food:

mango smoothie restaurant review
Mango Mint Smoothie
Mango Mint Smoothie - Mango being my favorite fruit I loved the smoothie by default. But the mint flavor elevated the smoothie’s taste though it was on a watery side.

Mix Veg Cream Soup - The hot creamy soup for the cozy Chennai weather was perfect. The veggies were soft and balanced the richness of the soup. Hoped to have a small crunchy bread by side as it ended up being way too rich for my palate. For non-vegetarians, it was Chicken and Mushroom Clear Soup – there verdict was favorable to the soup.

veg soup parfait3 restaurant review
Mix Veg Cream Soup
Green Veg Pineapple Salad - Not a salad person so I never go with what I say. The love for pineapple made me taste some and it wasn’t bad. That said, do try if you love salad. The non-veg counterpart was “P3 chicken salad”.
salad food review
Green Veg Pineapple Salad

Broccoli Fritters - Anything that is crispy and fried would not disappoint me. With broccoli in them adds the advantage. A similar version of Gobi fry, loved the crispy broccoli.
broccoli fry food review
Broccoli Fritters

Paneer Cheese Balls - Neither the paneer nor the other cheese flavor was overpowering. The outer crisp and paneer stuffing together was a perfect bite that tasted great.
paneer cheese balls food review
Paneer Cheese Balls

Crumb Fried Fish & Chilly Beef Dry - The thin sliced crumb coasted fried fish was enjoyable on every single bite. The big chucks of fish slice with thin crumb coating makes you sense the bland fish taste but they did give a perfect solution by slicing the fish thin – Yum Yum! Didn’t try the beef, but it looked great.
fried fish food review
Crumb Fried Fish

Main Course
Creamy Brocheese - A cream cheese, mayo, corn sandwich, nothing did go wrong. With fries by the side they are good to taste. A very simple sandwich for a light bite.
sandwiches food review
Creamy Brocheese & Chick Grant PRix Sandwich

Veg Creamy Tomato Pasta – Creamy sauce and pasta (they used Penne pasta) a perfect match for Italian food lover; I would kill if they serve something bad. And they didn’t disappoint. This was one of the good pick for the evening. The creamy tomato sauce was deliciousness in a bowl.
pasta food review
Veg Creamy Tomato Pasta

Creamy Veg Butter Rice -The butter rice tasted TOO GOOD, the buttery garlicy flavor was great. They served creamy veggies gravy as a side, it was good (similar to the soup we had with stew consistency) but wouldn’t be my pick for butter rice.
veg rice curry food review
Creamy Veg Butter Rice

For the non-vegetarians: They had Corny Chicken on Toast, Chicken Grant Prix Sandwich, Chicken Alfredo pasta and Soy chicken. Didn’t taste the former two – but fellow foodies wasn’t too much craving about them either. The Alfredo always seems a little bland for a spice lover like me, so it wouldn’t be my pick. The soy chicken with egg fried rice was a great dish for the evening. One of the good egg fried rice I tasted in the recent past, the soy chicken sauce indeed a good match for the rice.
fried rice chicken food review
Soy Chicken

Dessert Mela:
White Choc Blue Berry – Soft and moist cake. White chocolate cream reduced the strong blue berry flavor and made it taste sweet and good.

Eggless Choc Truffle – Truffles and I are inseparable. I loved them. YUM.

Fig and Honey Cake and Plum Cake – I was too filled that I just took a bite to know the taste. The loved the plum more than fig. Both were good.

Choc almond tart – Mini atom bombs in mouth. They were packed with flavors. The tarts were crispy on the outside with punch of almonds. Best dessert of the evening.

Brownie – The brownies were decent couldn’t eat them more as I was completely done for the evening.
desserts parfait 3 restaurant review
Blue Berry, Choc Truffle, Plum, Brownie, Tarts & Fig Cake

There are many Parfait 3 outlets in the town, every one of them have the similar menu. The food quantity and pricing would go friendly with your pockets. The taste was never less, they bake and make some of the best desserts. Definitely the other food varieties take the second position. The service was quick and no complaints. You could grab a look at their menu here – Parfait 3; pricing seems good for portions they serve.

P.S. Thanks for the fun-filled cake mixing event!

Breaking Down Points

Location & Parking (3.5/5): Good. The location isn’t hard to find with maps help. They have decent parking and whole road to park your vehicle. Being spread across many areas in Chennai, you can dine at your nearest locality. Check their outlets locations and ventures.

Ambience (3/5): Good. A decent dining space. Nothing much to talk about.

Food Variety (4/5): Positive. They don’t restrict to baked goods alone. They have whole lot of dishes starting from soups to the desserts with all courses in-between.

Taste (4/5): Positive. Everything they served on plate tasted good. There is scope for some improvements in food but their desserts were GREAT. It’s a 5/5 for the baked stuffs.

Quality (4/5): Positive. The food quality was good; the presentation, portion size and taste seemed like a complete package.

Quantity, Pricing & Service (4/5): Positive. I don’t have a say here as we were offered with unlimited food portions with good service. But the food quantity is par with the pricing that is affordable. They seem to have been pleasing the other customers who were dining too.

Parfait 3 is flourishing with many dessert and food options. With blossoming outlets, they are registering their place in the food world. The food deal sounds like a value for money considering the taste, quality and quantity of food. The service efforts for huge crowd seemed like a lot of commitment. A place to stop by for some dessert cravings!!

Cakes parfait 3 restuarant review

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And Desserts Everywhere - Parfait 3, Restaurant Review And Desserts Everywhere - Parfait 3, Restaurant Review Reviewed by Divya Srinivasan on 23:58 Rating: 5

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