Picturesque Dudhsagar Water Falls on the go...

Sometime ago when I was on an official trip to Goa, I got an astonishing chance to witness the visual wonders of nature. Nature, by all chance, is awe-inspiring to anyone. Being a hardcore nature enthusiast, I would love to experience it rather than glimpsing for mere enjoyment. And there came an amazing opportunity to live the experience.

I was travelling to Goa from Chennai in my ever favourite artificial centipede (train). It was a long journey of about 24 hours and I didn’t bring any food hoping for a pantry car in the train. But to my dismay, there wasn’t anything as such leaving me in a pathetic state. I started jumping out at each station hunting for a meal. Somehow I pleased my tummy by having anything and everything that I got at each station. However, I didn’t stop getting down at stations. Nope, it’s not about the food this time, something beyond that, its nature.

Castle-rock station, it was, where it all started. We entered the Ghat range, the most beautiful Western Ghats. The train started moving in a snail pace, giving every passenger their time to watch and enjoy the natural landscapes. I took my position near the doorway and never let anyone to pass on my way. I just wanted to feel and sense the adoring scenery.

It feels good to smell the scenic scent of these visual wonders. The view was breathtaking.

The train just carved its way through the concrete jungle and there were series of tunnels on the way. Whenever the train goes into it, all the passengers freaks out in excitement.

I saw a tiny water droplet dripping from one of the tunnel, may be tenth or so. As I was approaching the other side of the tunnel, I heard a hustling noise clearly indicating the huge flow of water. And then I saw those mesmerising scene of dudhsagar water falls, where massive amount of water was gushing down the steep slope.  

I just took few shots using my mobile camera. I never spent much of a time clicking pictures as I wanted to feel every glimpse of the picturesque splendor spread over there.
Picturesque Dudhsagar Water Falls on the go... Picturesque Dudhsagar Water Falls on the go... Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 19:57 Rating: 5


  1. Great! Some day I want to experience this!

  2. That was a truly amazing train journey.

  3. Brilliant experience well explained. Goood...

    1. Thank you Maliyekal for the compliments. Try visiting this place, you'll love it.

  4. Really an interesting breathtaking experience. I am rather excited.

  5. Breathtaking indeed. Thanks for the compliments. Keep visiting.

  6. My visit to Dudhsagar waterfall - Goa - India


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