Possible-11 of Team India for World Cup 2015

It's been a long time, I came up with cricket reviews and since it is a world-cup season I thought of coming up with one. This is about our Indian team and the most possible eleven players for the World Cup. I am sure, most of you would have encountered or seen the most expected-11 of the Team India in ESPN or Star Sports. This is in no way equivalent to them as my analysis is just based on two parameters, players present form and pitch conditions. Aha! I became the team selector without even playing at any international outings. Alright, lets get started!

Here goes the possible-11 for the world cup...

Ajinkya Rahane: Solid and stylish stroke player who has an ability to find gaps during power-plays. He is not a power-hitter, but is a good timer of the cricket ball, especially new ball. His performance in England last year was rock-solid, even when most of the top-order batsman was struggling.

Shikar Dhawan: Very strong off-side player with solid back-lift. I could see ‘Viru’ in him whenever he plays a back foot side cut shot off the good length delivery outside off stump line. Yes, I agree that his present form is questionable after the test series against the Oz. But trust me, he won't take much time to come back to form and he has an enormous ability to panic the opponent with his attacking batting. Remember his debut test match against Australia? Moreover, left-right combination is always ideal for a team to open an innings.

Virat Kohli: The most stylish cricketer that Team India has produced in recent times. He has style, power, agility and endurance. He can also take up the responsibility and cope well with the pressure. His ability to rotate the strike and punch the loose ball over the fence fetched him 1st down the order.

Rohit Sharma: Very solid straight bat player with tremendous power. He can time the ball to the perfection and can clear the long-on fence coming down the track off any spinners. He can rotate the strike even in toughest condition and hence this 2nd down position. His record partnerships with Virat is quite remarkable.

Suresh Raina: Stylish-yet-sensible hitter. He understands the game better at overseas and can adapt to the circumstances very quickly. His positive approach even when the team is struggling is worth mentioning. With his attacking cricket, I hope he can lead the middle-order line-up very well.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Coolest cricketer I have ever seen next to Inzamam-ul-Haq. He is marauding as well as thoughtful and without any doubt, one of the greatest finishers in the limited overs format. With his unique attacking captaincy style, I hope, team India can defend the trophy strongly. Who can forget those strong front foot lofty six over the long-on fence playing slightly over pitched delivery off Kulasekara at Wankede?

Axar Patel: Young fighter with strong arms and shoulders. I am sure he can capture the audience with his powerful blows all around the stands in Australia. With his great all-round abilities, he can easily fit into the middle-order line up. He has an ability to upset the opponent both with his bat as well as the ball.

Ravichandran Ashwin: Much experienced as well as thinking bowler. And a better death-bowler in Indian line-up, Dhoni would die to prefer. He shows enough variation to confuse the batsman during middle and slog overs. He can be a valuable addition down under the batting order as he can bat as well, in fact, he used to open the innings for Tamilnadu in Ranchi trophy.

Bhuvanesh Kumar: Excellent swing bowler with low-arm seam up action. He has an amazing ability to shackle the top order of any team with his in-swing out-swing combo. And he is good for both left and right handed batsmen. He has an excellent economy rate both in India and overseas.

Umesh Yadav: Very good fast bowler with ample pace enough to trouble the batsman. He is definitely a valuable addition to the line-up as he can generate pace up to 150 km/hr. In conditions like Australia, his pace along with late out-swing can trouble the batsmen.

Shami Ahmed: Yet another death bowler who can keep up his pace as well as the line. With his decent pace and line, he can maintain the economy rate of the match. His ability to swing-in, bowling outside off stump line will surely fetch him some valuable wickets, be it top-orders, middle-orders or tailenders.

Ravindra Jadeja: Excellent all-rounder who can play his part with bat, ball and also with his pouncing fielding ability. He can pose a potential threat to the right handers, angling the delivery away after pitching on middle or leg stump line.
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    1. Let us join together and cheer for Team India! Indiaaaaaa India! Thanks for the comment buddy :)

  2. I will probably watch the world cup if I don't have exams. Or if I miss it will ask you on hangouts. lol

    1. Anytime Rohan. I will watch or atleast cover every matches throught cricinfo, so I can keep you updated on that :)

  3. This looks like a balanced team.. Yuvi is out again ;)

    1. Hard to digest that Indian world cup team is without Yuvi. Hope our new refreshed team India deliver the best :)


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