Why too much caring is annoying for men?

‘Did you take your mobile?,’ asked my mother while I was busy kick-starting my bike.

‘Yes, mom,’ I replied and continued kicking.

‘What about your wallet, Id card, Train season ticket?,’ she continued mothering

‘Mom,’ replied in rather frustrated tone. My train is due is another five minutes and I am still clueless with my bike.

‘What? You should have at least started earlier, see its already late and you are yet to figure out the problem with your bike.’

She believed she was supporting me, but I felt mistrusted and was vexed by her nonstop questions. I have been travelling in train for seven years now, and I had never been late to office, even though I missed a train once or twice. I make sure I go to the office on time by whatever means.

Each time she believed she cared for me, I felt offended. If I miss the train, don’t tell me ‘I told you so,’ instead allow me to learn and adjust accordingly. If I forget my wallet or id card, let me deal with it, don’t tell me about it when I call. Yes, I start at the last minute to get the train because I enjoy being adventurous and I wish to perform so. Besides that I have never hurt anybody or even myself while in the path of my adventures.

I appreciate her loving intention, after all she is my mother. Who else will care you more than your mother. But what I anticipate is, her unconditional love and, trust which is even more important instead of being mothered in this manner.

Women needs awareness of what her men want, so spend some time with her and let her know and understand what you want. This could be helpful for every woman in supporting their opposite sex.

Why too much caring is annoying for men? Why too much caring is annoying for men? Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 12:44 Rating: 5


  1. too much caring annoys every1 but then a patient nd matured heart understands the love behind those..

  2. Absolutely agree to Surya's comment: "too much caring annoys every1 but then a patient nd matured heart understands the love behind those.."

  3. True! Patience shouldn't be taunted after a point. Ultimately both of them should be matured. Thanks for the comment, value your opinion, keep visiting!

  4. I agree on gets annoyed first. But later we feel bad for our action.

  5. Yeah right Rajesh. May be we can make them understand just by our kind words. That's what they expect the most.

  6. Understand exactly what your mom intends Gowthama - have a chat with her and tell her you love her and can now do your own thing, Win win for all!

  7. My office is 5 minutes walk still my mom asks me about it if I have taken all things. I think it is there with all mothers.

  8. But I do not agree with you catching the train at last moment and calling it an adventure, that way the 'annoying too much care' too is part of the adventure.

  9. I totally agree with your point of view Akhilesh. Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep visiting.

  10. In liked the article....but i think too much care is a problem for all be it men or women :) Who wants to be micro managed isn't it?

  11. Absolutely Shwetha both are equally annoyed but most of the time men will be at receiving end :-/

  12. Hi Gowthama,

    Enjoyed reading this post. Looks like this post is inspired by your real life situations. It happens with everyone. Whenever I am at the doorstep mummy has a check list and she asks whether I have taken all the required materials and specially in Mumbai we have local trains so she makes sure she checks that I have kept the pass with me. It feels nice to be loved, isn't it?

    But I can understand that this can sometimes be irritating and annoying especially if you are in a different state of mind, isn't it?

    Lovely post. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice day!
    Rohan Chaubey.

  13. First off thanks for such a refined comment. Your valuable time with Creatikaa is much appreciated.

    As you said affection turns irritating when they didnt understand our situation. May be we can talk to them regarding that so that things can happen in way it has to.

  14. I agree that to much caring is a annoying for most men but they should be grateful that there is someone who is caring about their lives and where abouts....

    1. Of course we are grateful Shreya, no doubt on that! My point is our patience shouldn't be taunted at any cause.


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