Do not poke into other's personal matter unless it is really needed...!

Yesterday, one of my fellow workers (say Geetha) didn't bring the lunch. She planned to go to the canteen, but out of my compulsion, she came with us and shared my lunch. It was more about sharing views and advises than just lunch.

Initially, a girl (say Sheela) asked with her self-styled caring tone, “What happen? Why didn't you bring the lunch today? Any problem?”

Geetha replied, “No problem, I got up late in the morning, didn't get time to cook.”

Sheela continued in an even more caring tone, “You should start doing some simple dishes so that it will help you during these days.”

Another one (say Jayanthi) joined Sheela and said, “Try to sleep soon in night so that you can get up early in the morning.” (My colleague’s husband is a businessman and he returns late night. I think of her sounding out this thing ‘n’ number of times. In spite of that she is cornered with this ‘sleep-soon’ remark.)

Geetha in a calm and composed manner responded, “As I stated earlier, my husband gets home late at night and hence, it will take time for me to sleep.”

Jayanthi, an experienced housewife in the group, said in a husky tone, “Anyway you eat before he comes right, then why can’t you simply sleep?” (What matters you anyway, she likes to spend time with her hubby. Why can’t you simply shut and focus on your food instead, I thought myself. Perhaps that is the only thing I can do now!)

Some other girl (say Mala) pulled herself into this conversation and said, “Hey Geetha, don’t worry, I will teach you some of the easiest dishes that will consume less time to prepare. Let us meet during tea”

Geetha was completely clueless on what to talk. She couldn't even spread out her lip as she recognizes that it could lead to another conversation later on to an argument. She turned and gazed at me. I read the significance of that powerful gaze. 

People love poking into other's personal matter. They feel experienced in certain things and hence, starts their advising business. Young women, in particular, love to give advises both for boys as well as girls but do not accept it when they are targeted. 

Many things happen like this. For example, I have seen people lying to their friend that they are going to job even though they didn't, after marriage. You already know why. As long as the married girl is going to the job nobody questions her, but when she leaves, lots of questions arises. Why you left your job? Are you up for another one? Are you fit and healthy enough? Are you currently pregnant? Are you planning to get pregnant? What the hell man!

At the end of every advice, someone gets smart and some gets hurt. If your advice doesn't annoy or offend anyone then you can move ahead with it, if not, then you need to rethink about your advice once more. 

Words are more potent than the weapons so please think before you talk.
Do not poke into other's personal matter unless it is really needed...! Do not poke into other's personal matter unless it is really needed...! Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 15:31 Rating: 5


  1. Most people love to give unsolicited advice. You may be interested in reading my post

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog mate. And I read your post as well, hilariously well said!


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