Rain, rain go away, come again another day!!!

Blissful rain-drops turns dirty when mismanaged
Once, I found out my mother praying for rain during a hot and humid day as it is very hard for her to go out for buying veggies and other household materials. And to her surprise, the weather got down from 38 to 28 because of the drastic change of cloud shape (Remember You too can predict rain?). She was exceedingly pleased with the weather and thanked God (being Hindu there are so many, at that point her gratitude went to Lord Ganesh) for making her wish come live (technically her deepest gratitude must go to Mr. Cloud, poor mother) and went away cheerfully. The weather being an erratic phenomenon became worse in few minutes from her exit as it began raining, drizzling at the beginning to heavy downpour. She came back running to home completely drenched.  She began cursing the one who thanked before leaving home, I mean Mr. Ganesh (Even this has to go to Mr. Cloud, never mind sir).

This is state of rain in my home and apparently in our whole country, special mention to the so-called urbanized cities. Urbanisation gave people luxury-friendly lifestyle and because of that they blanked out the importance of the environment. When it rains, people don’t go out and enjoy it, instead they stay in their dwellings not only till the rain ends, but also till the rain water drains-out. Here people are not to be blamed as there are few other people to get that load. Let us try to understand it with an example.

Everything works ok for two friends, early-teens, who was driving on a cycle, way back from school until rain interrupted. One guy got the shade under a tree and another one under the construction. But you know what, both were electrocuted badly and admitted in the hospital. The first soul who loved and respected nature was electrocuted by a powerful thunder that fell along the tree, thanks to his teacher and parents who didn’t even advise or caution him not to stand below a tree during the rainfall. The second individual, whom we thought took the safest way by standing below the construction, was electrocuted by the broken cable which fell along the stagnant water under that building over which he was standing. By all odds we should show our profound gratitude to few people in their lethargic work-display, but I don’t know where to begin? Whether it is the engineer who approved a weak cable laid down over the public road or the electrician who not only installed the knowingly-weak cable, but also didn’t check it periodically for its condition, or the general public who even after seeing the broken line in the water didn't mind to register a complaint with the electricity board. 

And most of all, our Government must be blamed who, after framing a strong solid-waste-management policy fails to enforce it in our country especially in the grassroots level. It contributes to improper management of waste and polluting our surroundings. For instance, when plastics are thrown in public places, we all know that it won’t degrade and stay in soil for years. When the rain comes it is washed out to the nearest storm water drainage. Some of it is washed out into the sewage, but some gets stuck along the way and traps the water-flow into sewage. This leads to water stagnation and thus conforms to all other troubles.

Keeping all these issues in mind, now tell me, will you enjoy the rain?
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