What is the reason behind Team India's defeat at overseas?

Leader in batting line-up, pouncing young fielders and a bunch of swing-seam bowlers yet lost to the under-rated cricketing nation. What actually could be the reason for this back-to-back defeat in overseas?

Whether it is with the bowling department, which is not exactly directing on the right areas, both at home and overseas or with the batsmen who fail to prove when needed, is obscure. Sometimes fielders should also accept responsibility for their sluggish effort in field costing some valuable runs for the squad. The detail to be noticed here is none of the above cited elements are responsible for the team India's defeat in overseas, but the actual cause is the lack of encouragement from their fans i.e. us.

We people commend the players if they come up with some continuous high-scoring-knocks. We appreciate their stylish and elegant strokes displayed in the field, but we as well chit-chat about their stylish come elegant looks, which is wholly out of topic. Media goes far above the ground planning on prime-time TV shows with eye-popping names of those successful players. This in turn produces a vulnerable environment to the players; when they work they get lauded whereas if they don’t, they are thrown out both from the team and the spirit of the lovers. The latter puts them into a ruthless state of affairs as it holds the psychological edge over the players. What can be done in order to break this drift?

We need to appreciate the players for their neat strokes, dedication, commitment, courage and to some extent their looks. Media should work on some success stories of players, who played extraordinary innings in the losing situation, taking up complete responsibility on their shoulders. Finally, every cricketer wants their innings to end in a victory note for the team, only sometimes they neglect to cease it as such instead they finish it creating a scare on the opponent’s face. The best case would be Yousuf Pathan's gritty innings against South Africa in South Africa. He threatened one of the best team in the world for quite some time with his powerful blows that is the reason it is being regarded as one of the best. Plenty more examples are there like this, who will forget Sachin’s 143 against Australia in Sharjah!

Team India despite having all the components to lead the world of cricket fails to create an impact on overseas. With proper support and self-belief, it is of no doubt that they can add up to the upside once again.  

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