Hello boss this is central!!

Some beauty's in action for a seat 

Roaring crowd, loud ovation, sound horn and time-to-time announcements! Guess what! Chepauk stadium?? Jothi theatre?? Hello boss this is central railway station.

Train travel has become a part in my life and I am enjoying it every now and then, most special one is when I head back to home. Generally people start office in a hurry and go back home patiently but here in my case its vice-versa, thanks to southern railways (special thanks to the high-frequency of trains in peak hours!). Soon after I enter central station, I can see huge mass from varied discipline, age, race, and religion clustered in one place, good to see everyone in a place. Isn’t it? Yes it is! But it wont go long as there will be a drastic change once there is a sound beep/announcements, all the sentimental heroes turns cruel villain at that point of time and the happy chit-chatting faces turns serious after seeing the giant 9-car match box with hell a lot of match sticks cropping towards them, actually I am talking about the TRAIN. Mann, that’s an awesome scene! You can see many action heroes showing their mastery to find a place, cunning villains grabbing other’s seat and comedy guys who creeps through the window. The aim is to have a seat even if the whole travelling time is less than 15 minutes, because it has something to do with their prestige (Gethu machi). No doubt, I fall under third category J.

At last after fighting with almost everyone in the train when you take your seat, it is more than just seat. That seat defines our power. That seat defines our determination. 

Now you can proudly shout, “**thaa ukkanthutten da!” 
Hello boss this is central!! Hello boss this is central!! Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 11:56 Rating: 5


  1. Train journeys are always hectic especially in large cities and during rush hours. But definitely worth the fight!


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