Broken heart to mend itself...!!!

Indian origin scientist, Deepak srivastava has proved that broken heart can be coaxed and restored. It is a revolutionary treatment since the ordinary tissue is turned into beating muscle. Two ways of fixing damages are, structural heart cells into beating muscles and repairing the damaged tissue. Hence, there is an alternative found for the heart problem rather using transplants or other artificial devices. They used the concept of stem cell therapy with slight changes i.e. cells are grown inside.

Cardiomyocytes, beating muscles die during heart attack and cannot be reactivated. This position cannot be filled with surrounding fibroblast. Certain reprogramming technique is introduced in which fibroblast takes the position of cardiomyocytes.

Other researches found out that amphibian newts regenerate cells effectively. But this results in formation of tumor inmammals. Rb (Retinoblastoma) controls regeneration in mammals and ARF along with Rb in mices.

Researches are trying to implement the same with other organs.
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