Which is your favorite team?

Of course! It’s INDIA. I am not telling this since I am an Indian rather I admire our team for their perfect balance they have as a team.

None of the team has such a balance with them i.e. perfect openers, most likely left and right combination, two-three patient middle-order batsman who can build the innings, strong and powerful hitters who can finish the things off in style. Coming to the bowlers, at least two-three medium pacers who can bowl at right areas irrespective of their pace and two spinners who have a tendency to show variation in the middle of the innings accompanied by one or two part-timers will be the value addition in the team.

Read the above paragraph and tell me which team struck your mind at once. Sorry you are wrong, it’s not Australia or South Africa rather it’s our very own nation, India. Perhaps I am just talking about the appropriate team not about their performance.  

I am proud to say that we are strong in sub-continent pitches but that's not enough to prove our supremacy. With such a balanced side we are capable of dominating the whole cricketing world for years rather we aren't doing that what you think the reason could be? IPL, lack of concentration, less training, advertisements? Well! You are partly right but the actual reason which I feel is their confidence level i.e. every player should be mentally fit before getting into the field rather our coaches are focusing more on physical fitness alone. Once a player is strong mentally is capable of doing whatever beyond his limit. 

Indians are always brilliant and talented but India??? 
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