Trademark Dravid...

"Hitting the ball in cricket is all about immense power and stamina." This was my thought before seeing Dravid's innings last night.

Every shot which came from his bat have been carved with expertise. Right from his trademark front-foot cover drive to the most elegant hook shot, everything has a perfectionist attitude in it. If you represent his shots pictorially, each and every shot would have an appropriate angle which was stated in the rule book.  And to be specific, none of the shots he played yesterday came from edge; that shows his determinism and the passion for cricket. Marvan Attapattu was well known for his elegant and proper strokes and now, it’s our WALL and he is still going strong.

He not only plays steady innings analyzing the situation in the test match but also has an ability to play a fiery innings that too in classical form of cricket. So don't call him as a sloppy player in the game of cricket rather he is among the most thinking cricketer in the world of cricket.

Trademark Dravid... Trademark Dravid... Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 07:36 Rating: 5

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