Faces of Light Pollution

Importance of brightness is realized when we experience the power of light which makes our night colourful. We obtain this brightness from a source which is said to be illumination, a form of energy. The energy associated with visible light is said to be light energy. Nowadays the inefficient utilization of this energy i.e. excessive usage of artificial lights has lead to light pollution. The inconsistent or varying light levels from the artificial means in the environment, both indoor and outdoor results in pollution.

Light pollution affects many lives especially birds and insects. Due to over illumination the birds tend to migrate themselves. Even human beings get affected psychologically and causes sleep deprivation, blinding, disability, discomfort, etc. At times the hoardings by the roadside are made more attractive by light source which may distract the drivers, resulting in dangerous accidents.

Many artificial inventions have become a part of our life; one among them is the bright lights around us. Hence the pollution caused due to light is being a source for the extinction of diverse species. Insects and birds are the most affected species; and few insects face extinction due to light pollution. Whereas birds, the most beautiful species that fills our environment with attractive colours and pleasant sounds are migrating due to the impact of light pollution. Many researches have been carried out to find the reason behind their migration mainly by the bird watchers. Hence they have proved that light pollution is one of the reasons for their migration. Among various birds, sparrows and cuckoos were the ones with ultimate danger and were added in the extinction list recently.

Delegates are debating about global warming in greater arena, meanwhile they should also give a thought about this light pollution as it is an emerging disaster.
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