Don't you think 'E-waste' as a stand-out topic to discuss?

Environmental protection is an important issue which each individual should give a thought about, to protect there surroundings. We come across various issues which degrade the beauty of our environment. Each individual make the fullest use of the resources without even giving a thought about how to preserve them for the future. One such resource which has become part of human beings is the electronic gadgets. Due to the advancement in the technology and fall in their initial cost; people are excited to use the upgraded technology and throw away the older ones; hence resulting in e-waste i.e. electronic waste. E-waste includes all the electronic commodities which are sold or discarded by the consumers. E-waste consists of toxic and carcinogenic substances. Hence, there lies a great complexity in the way e-waste is been disposed. Disposal of e-waste involves serious health and pollution risks to the workers who are involved in discarding e-waste. Even the developed countries struggle hard to dispose e-waste through recycling process. India being a developing country, there is no specific dispensation of e-waste. Especially in India huge tons of electronic scraps are produced each year. Advanced technologies, attractive offers, prices and qualities provided by the manufacturers makes it convenient for the consumers to opt for new electronic gadgets like computer, mobile phones, televisions, etc.

A television which entertains you to the most contains great deal of hazardous substances in it. Most of the people use CRT i.e. cathode ray tubes to see their respective shows and it consists of more amount of lead in it which actually is a serious threat for environment. One of the most reliable devices is mobile phones; this doesn’t have many toxic materials when compared to TV. Due to the development of the society, more stylish devices were designed on regular basis; hence it increases the number of mobile phones which is needed to be disposed. Mobile phones are often coated with lead which again causes serious threat to landfills and groundwater. However, the most hazardous component of a mobile is the battery which comprise of nickel, cadmium and lead. Similarly, many laptops have fluorescent lamps which are made of mercury, the deadliest toxin known to man. Circuit boards can also include batteries made of mercury as well as mercury switches. These hazardous chemicals are very dangerous to human health creating many deadly diseases like, lead causes cardiovascular problem, cadmium affects central nervous system and damages liver and lung, mercury poisoning, asthma caused by nickel sensitivity and so on.  

Nowadays everybody is much more conscious about the global warming and climate change but how many of them are actually concerned about e-waste? Even e-waste spoils our environment to larger extent and hence affects our life. Dumping electronic waste with lead, cadmium, etc affects soil fertility and pollutes ground water quality which in turn influences the flora and fauna. If plants get affected then the amount of carbon intake will be low hence resulting in most famous GLOBAL WARMING. Everything is a cycle as we go on. We need to have precautionary measures and effective methodology in order to save our planet. 
Don't you think 'E-waste' as a stand-out topic to discuss? Don't you think 'E-waste' as a stand-out topic to discuss? Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 21:12 Rating: 5


  1. Nice post. you are right. we have to do that anyhow. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Yeah everyone should know about it.


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