The Huntsman - 100 word story

The nymph
Dragon fly Nymph
Deep inside the water, he was holding onto the surface, motionless. His senses were wide open perceiving everything he was flanked by.

There was a movement, soft-on-surface, wiggling its body back and forth. It’s a mosquito larva – tiny, curved and juicy. Of course, like an Adam’s ale for our little guy.

Like a flash, he grabs and munches the larva. It was his peculiarly shaped mouth-parts that helps him scoop-up the prey in lightning speed. Shaped like a spear gun, his tongue peeps-out and snatches its food – mosquito larva predominantly.

He is the Nymph and he is awesome.  
The Huntsman - 100 word story The Huntsman - 100 word story Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 23:33 Rating: 5


  1. Ur portrayal gave me the picture of a little kid grabbing an ice cream unnoticed and gobbling it up..what beautiful secrets this nature has!

  2. Nice portray.. A stunning player of the tiny World.

  3. Wow...the law of nature smartly disguised in the story.


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