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The one foreign dish that won hearts and tummies in a short span of time would be ‘pizza’. The soft dough, delightful cheesiness and flavorful toppings were enough to make me happy and fill my tummy. There are numerous pizza joints blossoming at every nook-and-corner of any city; the MNC food companies that deliver pizza have already made a lasting impression and it’s hard to compete with them. With so many different varieties and methods to do pizza, we never run out of options. And some of the best pizza destinations in South India can be found at Pondicherry aka Puducherry. The smell of the slightly charred wood-fired pizza that looks, smells and tastes unbelievably good invites you once you reach this small union territory.

There are numerous pizza joints but only a few remain a favorite or most loved place. So here are four of my go-to pizza places at Pondicherry and I am listing them in the order in which I prefer them.

Auro Pizza tops my list for their fresh, light and tasty pizza base. The place can’t really accommodate more than 20-25 people and parking your vehicle will be a hectic job so the best option is take away. When it comes to taste, they score impressive marks, as well as the pricing, is slightly lesser than a few other pizza joints in town. This place is one of the hidden gems.

Location: Gingee Salai, Jawaharlal Nehru Street, White Town, Puducherry
Timings: 10 AM – 11 PM

Tanto Pizzeria is a favorite to many and they had continued to impress most with their wood-fired pizza along with other delicacies till date. They now have two outlets at Auroville and the place is packed with people during weekends. The rustic yet classy outdoor ambiance is inviting and it’s delightful to watch the pizzas getting prepared. And you should add this place definitely to your list of places to visit when you stay at Pondicherry. 

Location: (1) Main Road, Near Iyyanar Koil Kullapalyam, Auroville, Puducherry, (2) ECR Main Road, Near Soorya Beach Resort, Auroville, Puducherry
Timings: 12.30 PM – 3 PM, 6.30 PM – 9.30 PM

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New Farm Fresh is yet another pizza place that impressed me. Almost all these places have a similar menu or food variety but the thing that separates them is their pizza quality and taste. It’s not just a word in their name but the food offered here is delicately fresh and yummy. Need not to say but one more thing that I liked the most is I can order the same from their food offers listed online and save the travel time, energy, and obviously the bucks.

Location: (1) 41, Saint Louis Street, White Town, Puducherry, (2) St Therese Street, MG Road, Puducherry
Timings: 11 AM – 11 PM

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Café Xtasi is the most hyped pizza destination at Pondicherry but they grab the last place on my list for two reasons: the food hasn’t been consistent and the bill gives a heart attack. The food menu is vast here as well as the pizza varieties are too many that making a decision is difficult. They are continuing to spread their outlets within Pondicherry and Chennai.

Location: (1) Mission Street, Opposite VOC School, MG Road, Puducherry, (2) Aghal Street, ECR Main Road, Periyamudaliar Chavadi, Kottukuppam, Puducherry
Timings: 11 AM – 11 PM

There is plenty more pizzeria all over Pondicherry but these places are a must try. Don’t forget to grab your pizza when you are here! Happy Pizza Time :-) 
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