Nisha - Part III

Pencil sketch done by Artist Chinnas
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--- As Priya snooped into her wardrobe looking for some more material that could continue the story, Divya shouted, “Why can’t you check my wardrobe instead of wasting time in yours? That’s where I found this diary!”

Priya was in a world of her own and she did not reply or even managed to show any reaction. She had literally popped herself into the wardrobe; almost half of her body was into it.

Infuriated by not getting acknowledged, Divya called at the top of her voice, “Priya!” But to her dismay no reaction came from the opposite side.

The power went off.

“Oh God!” sighed Divya.

All of a sudden she was engulfed by creepy darkness and silence. The slow tick-tock sound of the clock was louder than ever. Her breathing got heavier and heavier. And then she heard from the distance, the incessant howling of dogs.

“Priya! Where are you?” shouted Divya but there was no reply.

Worried, Divya took her mobile and unlocked it. The bright light emerging from her mobile pierced through the darkness, and helped her to look for Priya.

As Divya browsed through the living room, she was shocked to see Priya in the same posture with her head plunged inside the wardrobe. She shouted again, “Priya!”

She heard a soft groan from Priya that reverberated throughout the room intensifying the gloominess.

Divya slowly approached her and tried to pull her out of the wardrobe but Priya resisted stoutly. But Divya was determined enough to pull her out and went with a full force; Priya came out screaming, “Stop it, you idiot!”

“How could you?” Divya lashed out.

“Oh poor girl. Look at you!” Priya could not control herself as she busted out laughing at the terrified look of Divya.

Divya gave her an intent look but that could not stop Priya. Later, she gave up and joined Priya, banging her with the pillow.

As they were busy fighting, the bright light and popping noise from Divya's mobile interrupted them.
"Enough, go check your mobile. Nisha is waiting for you," Priya teased her with a mischievous smile.

"Shut up!" said Divya with a grin and verified her mobile, where she found nothing. Neither was there a message nor a missed call. She became mystified.

"What now?" Priya inquired after watching her baffled look.

"It’s blank! Nothing is there. Then, How come I heard a popping noise?" Divya was anxious.
"Maybe it's an alarm tone." said Priya.

"Nope, it's not. I could not understand why!"

"Oh, come on man, sometime it happens. Stupid devices, you know!" Priya tried to calm her up but could not succeed as Divya was pondering over it, holding the mobile.

Priya got hold of her hands and tried easing her. Again, they were interrupted with a louder noise this time.


Divya was startled hearing the noise. It was something unexpected and left her body trembling. read the finale episode click here
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    1. Thanks buddy. Welcome to Creatikaa and sharing your thoughts. Would love to see you again. Dont miss the climax of Nisha episode :-D Happy blogging :-)

  2. Wow! You have begun to.master the art of suspense thrillers.

    1. Thanks a lot Ajai. Great to hear such a comment, especially from you. Still, I am learning ;-)


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