Nisha - Part II

Pencil sketch done by Artist Chinnas
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“You? Seriously?” Arjun screamed.

He saw something unusual and stumbled over his words. His trembling fear had gone astray with the creepiness. And his head got filled with happiness.

“You just scared the shit out of me,” holding back his smile Arjun cried.

“Happy birthday my love,” whispered Nisha. She was holding a black forest cake; there was a candle on the cake in the shape of twenty eight.

Her lustrous eyes glowed along with the candle. Featuring long-drawn-out tresses, she stood in front of him wearing dark pink night wear. For a moment, Arjun forgot all the eerie incidents and started romanticizing her adorable beauty. The dark and gloomy mood has been transformed into an inviting yet appealing one.

"At times, I fail to notice how beautiful you are," Arjun said with his eyes glued on her.

"Alright, come on; let's cut the cake and stop looking at me like that," she blushed.
"While everyone celebrates their birthday at 12 o'clock, my Nisha makes it unusual. Yet it becomes memorable," he winked and cut the cake.

"That's Nisha!" she shrugged while munching the cake.

"Now tell me about that calling bell?" Arjun was curious.

Nisha laughed and said, "Sometimes you fail to remember that your wife is also a renowned physicist."

"Aha! All these years of your doctoral research in Architectural Acoustics were only to scare me off; is it?"

"Not exactly, but yes, it helped though"

"But, where have you been when I woke up?"

"That was part of my play and I never thought that you will fall for that," Nisha giggled.

"Yeah that's very funny!"

"Oh yeah? Funny it seems!" she grinned mischievously.

"You idiot!" he jumped over her in a flash.

They cuddled on the bed showing their passionate love.

……all of a sudden, Nisha screamed!!

Divya saw through her glass window the night watchman of the apartment walking past her room.

"What happened? Why did you stop?" Divya asked anxiously.

"As if I wrote it! Why can't you come over here and help me out to find the patches of the story instead of lying down there listening like a queen.” Priya yelled at her still probing her wardrobe further looking for any other diary or paper.


Divya and Priya are IT professionals. They were hostel mates for over a year. Recently, they had moved into a fully-furnished rented apartment in South Chennai.

One day Divya found a 2002 diary in a wardrobe, while cleaning the living room. The neatly written longhand scripts made both of them curious.  Priya offered to read it aloud.

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