Nisha - Part I

3.30 a.m. Power cut. Dogs barking.

Pencil sketch done by Artist Chinnas
Arjun jolted from his troubled sleep, the pitch dark ambience and unnatural silence greeted him. He uncomfortably got up, stretched forward and pushed the windows wide open to see the full moon casting a ghostly pallor.

He was startled by an uncanny noise that seemed like the rattling of vessels. His wide eyes narrowed after seeing an empty bed.

Nisha, was his immediate thought.

With a naughty smile, he reached the kitchen and he was taken aback by a black cat with dark coal coloured fur and intense devilish eyes.

Stunned, he rushed back to his bedroom and to his astonishment noticed Nisha sleeping peacefully in her place. He went closer and closer. As he was about to wake her up, he heard the sound of the bell. DING DONG! Somebody was at the door.
As Arjun was about to unlock the main door, suddenly it struck him and his hands started quivering. 

How come? Without power?

He looked absolutely petrified and started shivering intensely. Beads of sweat started dripping down his eye brows. He browsed through the hall with the help of his mobile torch to look for any objects for self defense but found nothing.

Somehow convinced with his 5.5 inch mobile with metal frame, he opened the door and found nothing but creepy darkness and the loud noise of barking stray dogs. A touch of a chill puff of air sent shivers down his spine.
DING DONG! This time it came from inside.

Arjun jumped out of his skin hearing that call, again. He closed the door at once and turned around to locate the spot from where the sound appeared.

Bedroom?  Arjun whispered.

“Wait!  Nisha is sleeping there.” he found it difficult to interpret as many questions popped up at that instance.   

Was she not there when I woke up…!?
Was she lying at the same old spot when I returned…!?
Was she lying peacefully as if nothing happened…!?

He struggled to control his scrolling mind with the thoughts that intertwined with the fear and uncertainty.

He swallowed and stepped carefully and cautiously towards the bedroom. Before he could pull back the loosely hanging velvet drapes, a bright light emerged from the room. Unable to hold it further, he pushed the curtains angrily.

He was stunned and stood rooted to the spot.

After a while, he screamed aloud.

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