Eat, travel, sleep, dream and repeat!! Dream Trails

"Dream", there isn't boundaries or limits when it comes to dream. "I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do", the quote by Haruki Murakami (a Japanese writer) resonates deeply in my life. As dream and I share the first letter I have long back adopted dream as my soul sister. From that very moment dreaming has been a pleasure, a time pass and a dew drop in my dry land. In this vast spread world there is lots to dream about and I leave none. But there always is one fascinating dream I enjoy getting lost into. It involves two beautiful things I love the most, food and travel.

And how would it be when these two join hands together, it would be my version of "Around the world in 80 days". One of my favourite movies of Jackie Chan, but the one thing I missed in the movie is food (a crazy foodies dream).

As Phileas Fogg sets his journey in the movie, my motherland is the ideal start point to take a round around the world exploring the destinations and their food. Knowing the culture, exploring the food and heritage of a country excites my monotonous life. Gulping through the chats, aloo tikki and agra bedha at Agra and relaxing near the Yamuna river enticing your vision with the marble beauty of India 'Taj Mahal' is mesmerising.

Riding in the curvy stretch of Himalayan range not just captivates your eyes but brings out the poet in you. If you don't fall for the Himalayan beauty then you definitely doesn't know what love is all about. The cross-border culture influence from Tibet and Nepal is visible through their food. Sipping through a hot cup of tea across the elegant tea estates, warming your senses with the steaming hot momos and thukpas and bringing in the Indian spice love through rich sabjis (gravy), parathas and rice is all Himalayas is about. As food fills up the warmth I travel to reach China.

One of the most loved cuisine and seen par with Indian cuisine at India is Chinese. The eight different regional Chinese cuisine exhibits simple delicacies with extravagant flavours. With dumplings, wontons, spring rolls and chow mein topping my list of food delights, I also want to try their peking duck (though I am not fond of duck) and Chinese street food.

Himalayan Range
As the journey trails to San Francisco the hunger quotient increases. From cheese to bakers to ribs to burritos you name it and they shall have it. Even 80 centuries wouldn't be sufficient to explore the food but burritos, sea food, pancakes, coffee and baked goods is where I target my arrow.

Not just the Statue of Liberty but the bright sunshine thrown by the city all through the day and the most happening Times Square is always in my dream foreign destinations list. What this place doesn't offer is a mystery, from food trucks to fine dining you would need an extra stomach to try everything. Of course the bagels, burgers and barbeques top my list of food delights. And the never ending variety of ice-creams and desserts makes me drool as I think.

Food Around the World..
The royal land leaves me craving for a royal English Breakfast. With pies, fish and chips and Sunday roasts, the British Classics that I dream about eating when I see London in the world map is countless. It sets the mood to 'romance' as you chant Paris. Watching the sunset near the Eiffel tower and licking through the chocolates, how cosy it sounds. The pastries, cheese and wine tasting tops the France exploration.

Tweet: Watching sunset near Eiffel tower and licking through the chocolates, how cosy it sounds. #DreamTrails @blogadda @clubmahindra @DivyaSriniv Tweet: Watching sunset near Eiffel tower and licking through the chocolates, how cosy it sounds. #DreamTrails @blogadda @clubmahindra @DivyaSriniv

Dream Trails - Notebook cover customized by Spark Chennai 
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'Everything Turkish' will be the ideal mantra as I step down at Istanbul, Turkey. From Turkish breakfast to omelette and the succulent kebabs, the exotic aroma of food is blissful to your senses. How would the authentic Kunefe and Baklava taste? Would it be as good as it looks, hope I find the answer one day. 
After all the hunt, the heart always beats back to meet the motherland, but exploring cuisines and places is my crazy dream. My dream trail, food trail and travel trail shall not die until I experience and frame it in my memory cell.

Food Around the World
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