Secrets of Seas, Seafood Festival at Ente Keralam, Chennai

What: Secret of Seas (Seafood) Festival at Ente Keralam
Where: Poes Garden, Kasturi Estate, 1st Street, Alwarpet, Chennai
The festival also happens at their other outlets, Anna Nagar and MRC Nagar.
Date: Till 10th July, 2016

An introduction would be the last thing anyone shall except for Ente Keralam and their food. And this time they are hosting 'Secrets of Seas' festival that serves finest seafood delicacies from the God's own land (Kerala). They have mastered the art of angling to plate every possible variety of protein from the sea. And I must extend a special thanks to Chef Jayaprasad for the insight about the food.

The base for any traditional Indian cooking is the use of spices that's native to a specific region and the flavours of authentic Kerala coastal cuisine was impeccably delicious. The essence of pepper in the light and refreshing broth loaded with prawn is how the meal started, Prawn Pepper Soup was delicious to the last tiniest drop.

I couldn't miss one from each of the three starter category: Porichathu (fried), Pollichathu (slow grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf with masala) and Ularthiyathu (ingredients sautéed with shallots, spices and coconut in coconut oil).

Bigger than my palm size the succulent tawa fried Tiger Prawns were just too perfect to let go. As the steam filled the table I know it was Neimeen Pollichathu, the sourness from the tamarind leaf and slight hint of spice from shallot masala left me salivating as I ate each bite of seer fish cooked in banana leaf.

Chemeen (Shrimp) Peralan was a personal favourite and I couldn't let go the shrimp, the mix of masala and coconut bits with the touch of pepper could not get any better. Though the masala was spot on and Kallummakkaya (Mussels) Ularthiyathu is a hit, mussels isn't something I enjoy eating so not my plate of protein.


The depth of flavours further outshined in the fish gravies that was served for the Parotta and Aappam. Not just the look but the taste of each gravy were unique. The Indian Salmon cooked with Chinese potato and coconut milk was the standout, the pairing of salmon with the potato was a winner and the spice level ringed so well for my taste buds; the dish is named Kora Meen Koorkka Ittuvacha Curry.

Indian Salmon
Seer Fish Gravy
Neimeen Cheera Thandu Curry, the red amaranth leaves and seer fish curry cooked with kokum spreads the sourness across your palate, it wasn't perfect for a aappam or parotta but I would match it with rice. The malabar cuisine masters the making of coconut gravy and the Vatta Varutharacha Curry excites the senses with moist Malabar Trevelly and roasted coconut gravy.

Malabar Trevelly

And how could I end my meal without Elaneer Payasam, I have to find some new adjectives to describe about the payasam and this one is undoubtedly one of the best in town.

The seafood festival ends on 10th of July, 2016 and it is open for lunch and dinner.

Breaking Down Points  
Ambience: Positive. Serene and cosy.
Food Variety: Positive. I loved the selection of dishes for seafood festival; ofcourse it's only for non-vegetarians and seafood lovers.
Taste: Positive. Lip-smackingly deliciously.
Quality & Quantity: Positive. The presentation and choice of authentic ingredients from Kerala cuisine is impeccably good. I found the portion sumptuous.
Service: Positive. Flawless.
Price: The food price starts from Rs. 125 INR for the festival with average meal cost for two is Rs. 1000-1200 INR. Personally, I felt the meal is totally value for money.

So my Verdict!
Seafood Festival at Ente Keralam! Indulge yourself into the coastal shore of malabar to enjoy some delicious seafood delights. The selection of dishes and the style of cooking is impressive and the taste makes the experience memorable.  

P.S. On-the-house bloggers meet for the tasting session for the seafood festival happening at Ente Keralam. Remember, no two person's palate can be same.  

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Secrets of Seas, Seafood Festival at Ente Keralam, Chennai Secrets of Seas, Seafood Festival at Ente Keralam, Chennai Reviewed by Divya Srinivasan on 18:10 Rating: 5


  1. Portions look small... Wondering what the value for money quotient is with this place ?

    1. Looks so may be! The portion was perfect for two people to share. Considering the taste and portion VFM quotient for me is high!

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