Bombay Brasserie, Canteen Lunch, Adyar, Chennai

What: Bombay Brasserie
Where: Villa 77, 1st Main Road, Gandhinagar, Adyar, Chennai
Cuisine: North Indian, Mughlai, South Indian

The one place I would suggest or get reminded off when someone asks for a diner with brilliant ambience is Bombay Brasserie (BB). I have no clue if it is the same or different management but ambience wise both of them rock. And the Adyar one takes the first place at ease; walk into the place and you shall fall in love at once. Their A La Carte menu is pretty good as well as expensive. And my eyes were on the Bombay Canteen Lunch, which is a sit-down buffet priced at Rs. 575 INR (plus taxes) and it's available only on weekdays.

An unlimited sit-down buffet at that price seemed like a jackpot and I narrowed down this place for a special meal. The idea and the style of presentation bagged full-marks. So the question came down to "Did the taste and variety live-up to the expectation?". Meanwhile the dishes kept piling up on the table one after other and the varieties weren't plenty but apt.

The crispy mix of Bombay Bhel was served to kick-start the meal and to balance the rich Tomato Soup and Chicken Soup. Loved the rich and delicious soups. The bhel was decent but I shall prefer more veggies, chat masala and sauces.

The Aloo Tikki Chole was burning hot and the taste of aloo and chenna in the ghee-licious chole masala is deliciousness at its best. Next was the most awaited dish but I didn't expect the disappointment awaited me. Yes, it was Mumbai Vada Pav and it missed the burst of flavours from the garlic and green chutney. But to my surprise, the Bread Pakoda grabbed the scores; tasty potato masala stuffed between the crispy pakoda was yum.

After a mixed start, the Dilli Tikka Paneer Roomali made its way and I was really lost for words. The soft Paneer tikkas and the roomali roti were a mind-blowing combination. And there were more options for the non-vegetarians, starting from Mutton Sheekh Roomali, Tandoori Lollipop and Amritsari Prawns. The overpowering turmeric flavour and a slightly underdone prawns is one of most unappealing dish in the entire lunch meal. To balance that disappointment, the Lollipop and Mutton sheekh were juicy and lip-smashingly tasty.

Lollipop and Sheekh
By the time we got served with the Mains, the richness did overtake and I was completely full. Tasting the mains, I loved all the subzi. Malvani Fish Curry was the best out of the lot; the peppercorns flavour, spices blend and moist fish were perfect for the Tandoori Roti and Butter Naan.
Masala Dal, Masaledar Tawa Subzi, Dakshini Mushroom and Khada Masala Chicken were the other gravies and taste-wise they were all good but chicken and dal were the standouts.

Chicken and Fish Gravy
And it was some rice before desserts. North Indian and Biryani isn't an ideal match, atleast for me. The Murg Biryani was palatable and good but definitely not my style of biryani so I stayed away from that. Whereas the Tawa Pulao tasted great and was more like a vegetable biryani so I enjoyed it.

Simple and classic desserts; Choco Bar, Triple Pudding and Jalebi. You shall not hate these even at your wildest dreams. The layers of custard, cake and fruits made that a delectable pudding, loved it. Of course the choco bar and jalebi were delicious but pudding stole the show.

That was one heavy meal but we missed the drinks, they have Kala Khatta and Pineapple based drink but they charge extra Rs.50 INR for them (P.S. stay away from these drinks if you don't like black salt). We couldn't stay away from mocktails so ordered Tropical Twist and loved the drink. 
And paid a bill of Rs. 1555 INR (including tax).

Kala Khatta and Pineapple
Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Positive. A well-chosen location with valet parking.
Ambience: Positive. Mesmerising, colourful and all possible adjectives.
Food Variety: Good. For Bombay canteen lunch, the varieties were good but they can add a drink to their menu.
Taste: Good. There were pros and cons; overall some dishes shined and some didn't.
Quality & Quantity: Good. Presentation, concept and quality is brilliant. Unlimited quantity adds to the happiness.
Service: Positive. Flawless and they know how to impress their guests.
Price: Cost for two for canteen lunch is Rs.1300 INR approx. Without doubt Expensive but the canteen lunch seems like a better and reasonable deal in terms of price.

So my Verdict!
Bombay Brasserie! The ambience, service and food quality are brilliant. And the canteen lunch concept will lessen the burden on your wallets. If they could concentrate on the taste and varieties then this is sure to be a hit.

P.S. This write-up is based on my food palate & dining experience during my restaurant visit. Only for the canteen lunch and it's a rotational menu that changes at regular interval. Remember, no two person's food palate can be same. 

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