The Republic of Gastronomy - M'Bessy Kitchen and Bar - Restaurant Review

Outlet: Adyar
Address: Esthell Hotel, 1, Royal Enclave, Besant Avenue, Adyar, Chennai
Cuisine: Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Continental, Mediterranean

Just as you take the turn to Besant Avenue there you spot M'Bessy Kitchen and Bar at the Esthell hotel; I wouldn’t have known about the fine dining restaurant without reviews that was popping up now and then on the social forums. I wanted to visit the place but was holding back after knowing the money I had to spend. Then there was this ‘now or never’ moment and planned to treat mom at M'Bessy and reserved my table.

Sassy and classy are the two words that popped up as I walked into M'Bessy. I choose to take the seating at the ground floor but head to the first floor for the bar setup. The decors scream ‘Royal’; the tables, the glittering chandeliers, the frames and every piece of material is beauty in itself. They score when it comes to ambience. As I settled down at the table, the staff carried a huge photo frame just to realize that it’s the menu. Holding them and glancing through the menu isn’t going to be an easy job. For such a big menu card I found the varieties a little less for vegetarian (Oh, yes! We decided to go all vegetarian as mom wasn’t going to eat non-veg). As well the non-veg varieties seemed more appetizing. So yeah, it’s all vegetarian food review so let’s get started with food.

The best dish was their complimentary breads and spread; fresh and homemade. And the garlic mayo and pesto sauce for the breads were bang-on. If I had the tummy to stuff more food I would have asked for refill; that good it was.

The food started to take its turn one-by-one. The Citrus Junction with the essence of orange and acidic flavors was perfect along with the food. A sip into the delight would pacify you.

Going all healthy, I ordered Broccoli Polonais (starter) thinking that they would be like fritters (ok, fried food isn’t healthy but remember it as broccoli). Out of nowhere I was served steamed broccoli with a tangy-spicy dressing and three slices of bruschetta. P.S. Lesson learnt – read the menu properly. On a positive note, mom loved the broccoli and let me say ‘it wasn’t bad but just wasn’t my food preference’. And going forward, the mains and dessert were brilliant.

Veg Bean Lasagna in Béchamel Sauce was oozing out with cheese and the aroma of béchamel sauce along with the crunchy vegetables; it was perfection. Almost full and there arrives the huge plate of Pizza Bianca. I was pretty sure we are going to get them packed; Oh man that caramelized onion, smoky sun-dried tomato, tangy-spicy jalapenos, crunchy celery and resilient cheese isn’t something you can hold back to and I forced myself into another slice.

Done and dusted with food but I can’t bid adieu without meeting the dessert. Chocolate Terrine was an immediate pick; with just five desserts that sounded interesting. The wow factor in their presentation continued throughout the meal; beautifully constructed terrine and it was hard to deconstruct that chocolate heaven. The smooth and luscious chocolate terrine with the strawberry couli and white chocolate is an impeccable way to finish off a meal.

That was a splendid experience considering the serve or the food; and when it says royal you have to pay your price to experience it. A bill of Rs.2588 INR (including all taxes) for 5 odd dishes indeed pinch and dig a big hole in the pocket.

Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Positive. Walkable from Malar Hospital or Theosophical society, could spot them easily. And valet parking.
Ambience: Positive. Classy and royal.
Food Variety: Good. Wished there was some twist and variety in the vegetarian food. But again the varieties are good.
Taste: Good. Choose food that would suit your palate else you might not enjoy. But taste is great, no complaints there.
Quality: Good. That presentation deserves a mention and choice of ingredients is lovely, you would definitely enjoy your meal.
Quantity: Good. You can’t eat all by yourself; a massive portion.
Service: Positive. Flawless.
Pricing: This is where it gets complicated; price is “Extremely Expensive”. A meal for two, Rs.1990 (including Rs.120 for water) for food and additional tax of Rs.598 sums to Rs. 2588 INR. So yeah, guess you got the glimpse of price!

So my Verdict!
M'Bessy is a place within the city limits to bookmark for special occasions. Among the elite diners you shall dare to afford them once and leave with a happy tummy. Except for the price I wouldn’t regret the M'Bessy experience. But no one said royal treatment comes for less. It’s truly an experience to experience.

P.S. The write-up is based on my food palate and dining experience during my restaurant visit. Remember, no two person’s palate can be same.

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The Republic of Gastronomy - M'Bessy Kitchen and Bar - Restaurant Review The Republic of Gastronomy - M'Bessy Kitchen and Bar - Restaurant Review Reviewed by Divya Srinivasan on 15:29 Rating: 5

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