Thozha - Movie Review

When I first saw the poster of this movie, I thought it is a remake of Hollywood movie ‘The Unbreakables’ directed by my favourite Manoj Knight Shyamalan. It’s an unusually made superhero thriller. It’s not Bruce wills but Samuel L. Jackson who impressed me the most with his able characterisation. I was eagerly waiting how Nagarjuna is going to carry his role as I am a big fan of his performance. Later I came to know that Thozha is a remake of a French movie ‘The Intouchables’, which I have never ever heard before. Yet I decided to watch the movie after seeing Nagarjuna in the trailer, even Tamanna looked sizzling with her stylish outfits.

Thozha Movie Review
Thozha Movie Review
Thozha is a motivational romantic drama giving utmost importance to life’s ups and down. Vamsi has tweaked the screenplay very well matching up to the expectations of Indian audience.

Alright, lets get straight into the review. This review is all about story, screenplay, music and performance.

What makes you stay seated?

Nagarjuna rocks with his performance as a quadriplegic millionaire. With his subtle expressions and crispy dialogues, he pulled it off entirely from the other cast. And of course he is damn smart. Karthi was at his usual best portraying as a quintessential local guy who likes to spend time in jail rather than at home. He is entertaining, emotional and an able care taker. His thoughts about his strange interest towards paintings with Nagarjuna and Prakashraj were the best. Prakashraj was amusing with Karthi and compassionate with Nagarjuna. He is a genius and goes well with the scenes.

Story is another great thing that makes you seated. It is motivational, moving and also travels with you alongside the characters. The carefree youngster Seenu, discarded by his family for his reckless attitude, lands as a caretaker for a quadriplegic millionaire, Vikram who thinks seenu is the only person to see him indifferently. Their life begins to twist and turn from then on. Vikram sees happiness through Seenu and lives a peaceful life; also helps Seenu in certain occasions. Whether Seenu stays with him for the rest of his life or will he chose his family over Vikram is what follows in a cheerful yet emotional manner.

Screenplay is very well constructed with pointed dialogues, artistic locales and flawless cinematography. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are crisp, to-the-point and is fitting to the main plot. It is entertaining, gloomy and also thought-provoking. The locales are simple yet elegant and sit well on the frame with the characters, kudos to the cinematographer P.S. Vinod. Watching the essence of love, passion and life through his lens is like enjoying the beautifully constructed tiramisu.

What would have been better?

Music could have been better. Except the title song, nothing made an impact. Even the background score didn’t go well with the plot. Had it been better, the visuals could have elevated to the next level. Probably Gopi Sundar didn’t get a touch about the script! 

Despite some witty dialogues and amazing performances, second half couldn’t hold the audience long enough as it’s lengthy. The duet song wasn’t needed as the romance itself wasn’t intense. The sub plots like romance and mother sentiment lose depth.

Vivek should have been utilized even better, not just as a comedian but as a character artist as well.

Thozha is a decent attempt by Vamsi in capturing and modifying the essence of a Hollywood movie for Indian audience.


Watch Thozha and feel the essence of joyfulness and melancholy

My Rating

Story – 4 / 5
Screenplay – 3 / 5
Music – 2 / 5

Performance – 3.5 / 5

Watch the trailer here...

Thozha - Movie Review Thozha - Movie Review Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 16:04 Rating: 5

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