#MyMowgliMemory - Reliving my jungle book experience

The Jungle Book is back, once again! Who can forget the innocent yet mischievous Mowgli, bubbly friend Baloo, gracious brother Bageera and the terrifying foe Shere khan? And the song Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai? Be it the characters, setting, music or anything for that matter, the jungle book amazes you with its unique charm.

The Jungle Book
I grew up watching The jungle book cartoon. I love the way Mowgli gets a feel for wilderness, living on a concrete jungle alongside some of the beautiful and scary species. Initially, he struggles to adapt to the conditions of the forest but once he gets going he is unstoppable. What I admire the most is the rustic charm of the concrete jungle and its offering wonders. It is colourful, vibrant, serene and also daunting. The flora and fauna is adorable for their remarkable splendor and spine-chilling for its menacing routine. Regardless of its cozy yet perilous ambiance, the jungle embraces the little boy, Mowgli, with utmost love is fabulous.

The characters were very nicely depicted. As a child, I was fascinated to see a giant four-legged species that walks like human (two legs) at times, Bear (Baloo). It is one of my favourite characters in The Jungle Book. Actually I should have been terrified watching its massive structure but I wasn’t, since the animation made it look cute and lovely.

Baloo has been portrayed as a jovial, fun-loving, easy-going, caring and clumsy animal. I have learnt many interesting characteristics of a bear from The Jungle Book.

·  They are an intelligent animal with superior navigation skills and excellent memory.
·  Their sense of hearing, smell and sight is exquisite. He can smell food or predators from miles away. His accuracy in vision aids him to detect fruits even from the distance.
·    They are social beings and care for their family with deep love. They will risk their lives or even fight to death to save their kids from grave threat.
·      The moving part is they also feel sad, moan and even shed tears when separated from its loved ones, just like humans.

Baloo is the best buddy of Mowgli. Baloo plays with Mowgli, teaches him surviving skills, enlightens him on the laws of jungle, looks after him with utmost care and also protects him against the raging Shere Khan (Tiger).

Experiencing wildness (ALONE) is the most wanted thing in my bucket list. Now if I look back, Mowgli and his enthralling experience could have instilled in me such a strange yet lovely thought. I wish I strike it out from my bucket list as soon as possible.

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Awaiting the new version of The Jungle Book...

#MyMowgliMemory - Reliving my jungle book experience #MyMowgliMemory - Reliving my jungle book experience Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 10:34 Rating: 5


  1. awww.... super cute... I can't forget it ever... :-)

    1. Me too Archana. It is one of the best show we've ever seen. Lovely.

  2. It's nostalgic. I still remember the the Jungle Book Doordarshan TV series. Looking forward to the new version :)

    1. Exciting indeed Ravish. Cuteness of the original version will be missed though.


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