It's your Call...

After some futile visits, Shankar woefully hits the busy stretch of Thiruvanmiyur road with his Honda motorbike. Infuriated with the fruitless meeting he had with the doctor he twisted the accelerator. It’s been a part and process of his medical representative profession and he is getting a hang of it slowly.

The scorching mid-noon sun added fuel to the flame. He accelerated further trying to flee away from the heat, but that’s not the end of it as the signal turns red. He swallowed as the beads of sweat broke out on his brows. He looked away from the signal in fretfulness where something caught his eyes. There was a board with the word free embossed over the corner shop selling lemon juices.

Shankar was literally staring at it for sometime before he went and inquired about it where he was told that one glass is free on the purchase of two. He thought about it for a moment influenced by the magical expression free, later realized it’s worthlessness and started back home.

Freebies are attractive but worthless! 

Think for a moment before you cast your VOTE!
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Vote for change
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  1. A thought provoking post. Arre, India me agar free acid bhi milta hai toh log pee jaayenge. ( majority).

    1. Rightly said Ajay. I dont know when it is going to change.

  2. Very well conveyed. Great post.


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