At Wild Tribe Ranch #kickthefearmaamu

Devil's Ramp
As I stepped onto the muddle
I was quivered and shaken
by the crimped structure
and the offering troubles
yet was ecstatic in high spirits

Devil's Ramp
Then on an open field
chasing the ball with zeal
playing like arch-rivals
Smashing and crushing each other
Topple one another yet with a giggle

Sand Zorb
Jumps over the bull with pride
cherished of Jallikattu revival
Tackle its irate twirls and shunts
timely pause and lifts
tossed up despite showing some guts

Bullie the Bull
Holding the bat with a smile
bearing a wide-leg stance
bestows self-belief and pleasure
Smashing everything with style
in an indoor playing field

Mini Cricket
Taking the seats of ATV
I have gone wild-n-crazy
not just by the size
but by the rollicking pace
generated over a simple twist

Mad Riders - ATV
Balancing the curl and jiggle
with just the airstream to cuddle
simulated surfboard over the bouncy
Challenges to shatter the torso
The sheer art of dexterity

Surf Expert
Jumping out of joy
settled on a chair along the convoy
which swivels and spins on an axis
making her go frenzy
crashing my heart in a jiffy 

Gas gun loaded with paint balls
splish-splash with gleaming tints
watchful and cunning rivals
Game of excitement and maneuvers
Adventurous yet to be cautious

Paint Ball

Wonderful time altogether
relishing the sundry emotions
killing the fear from within
Kudos to Chennai Bloggers Club

At Wild Tribe Ranch #kickthefearmaamu
Because here adventure never ends!

Wild Tribe Ranch is located in the most happening roads of Chennai, East Coast Road, approximately 100 meters from Crocodile Bank. They are Chennai's first and only adventure zone that would excite you offering wide range of adventure activities, the details about the rides and prices can be accessed here

No one can stop me from visiting it again as I am yet to experience some of their adventure activities. Great applause to the Chennai Bloggers Club ( team and members for organizing such a fantastic event.

CBC - The Most Wanted
At Wild Tribe Ranch #kickthefearmaamu At Wild Tribe Ranch #kickthefearmaamu Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 12:08 Rating: 5


  1. Amazing pictures and thank you for share......

    1. Its about ultimate enjoyment. Thanks for the comments buddy ;-)

  2. Good presentation with all that versification.

    1. Hearing such compliments from my favourite writer/blogger means a lot. Thank you very much Tomichan. By the way good to see you back here. Do visit again. You appreciation is my motivation.

  3. It looks like a pretty cool weekend getaway Gowthama, its quite impressive they have integrated the surf board and all!

    1. Yeah its a perfect place to hangout with friends Vinay. I enjoyed a lot and planning to visit again ;-)

  4. Good outing spot outskirts of Chennai on ECR. enthralling experiences shared by you with poetic descriptions chance-e-illah. super.

    1. It was an amazing experience. Happy to hear that my poems impressed another poet. Thank you.


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