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Six Oscar nominations including the ‘Best Screenplay’ engrossed me to watch Spotlight. I always have this undeniable fascination towards ‘Screenplay’ in a movie, be it an India or foreign movie.
Spotlight Movie Review
Spotlight Movie Review - Creatikaa
Spotlight is another valuable addition to a true-story-made-into-a-movie list. Only few film makers direct true stories not only to get nominated for Academy awards but also to entertain the viewers. Tom McCarthy is one such director with some exceptional directorial and screen-writing ability.

Alright, let’s get into detail. As you know, this review is all about story, screenplay, music and performance.

What makes you stay seated?

Story is based on the Pulitzer award-winning investigation conducted by Boston Globe on a rather massive scandal involving Catholic Church and its priest who sexually molested children. Boston Globe tries to unearth the allegation of child molestations by Catholic Priests with its superlative investigative reporters of ‘spotlight’ team. While on the course of the investigation, the team was startled with the increasing number of priests who is at the highest levels of Boston's religious, legal, and government establishment were involved in this issue. They uncover this perilous scandal with series of stories creating wave of revelations around the world.

Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer have written a gripping screenplay with some heavy dialogues and superlative cinematography. Dialogues were a huge plus as it maintains the emotion quotient of the movie and as well regulates the pace. Editing keeps the movie going without a break. Investigation is carefully constructed and narrated without wasting a single second, credit goes to tom and josh for their able scripting. The subtleness in emotion keeps you glued with the movie. You smile along with Sarah when she smirks after listening to the contradictory verse read out loud by the priest at church. You feel for the kids along with Mike Rezendes, watching them sing and dance at church.

Spotlight makes an impression with its appealing star cast, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams and Stanley Tucci adding to the credits. Performance is the key element that keeps this movie very natural. You will get along with the characters because of their effortless performance.

Music by Howard Shore goes well with this emotional investigative drama. Honestly, I didn’t find anything that could have been better as everything was perfect in this movie.

Spotlight is an incredibly made true-story movie with some exceptional performances.


Bold, explicit and brilliant.

My Rating

Story - 4.5/5
Screenplay - 4.5/5
Music - 4/5
Performance - 5/5

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Spotlight - Movie Review Spotlight - Movie Review Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 23:51 Rating: 5

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