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Outlet: Alwarpet
Address: Maharaja Surya Road, Venus Colony, Alwarpet.
Cuisine: Parsi

The name geared-up so much enthusiasm. Don't have a clue about Parsi food except for the dish "Akuri" (similar to scrambled egg). So did my piece of research before visiting the "First Parsi (food) Restaurant" at Chennai. Their promotions on social sites definitely boosted my eager. I was over-existed when I got invited for a tasting session. The locality, Venus Colony - Alwarpet, falls under the posh areas list so I expected for a classy dining ambience with hefty bill. Without reading the maps or knowing the routes, it is going to be tough to spot the place. Best possible landmark could be 'Tangerine' and the restaurant is located four-five blocks away. Not huge but they have enough parking space. As you glance at the hoarding and open through the doors, you will realize there are three different restaurants coming up in the same space. And they have planned up for three unique cuisines and authentic foods from each one. For my love of Sabudana Vada, the Maharastian - Meena Tai's; for Akuri's love - the Parsian - Batlivala & Khanabhoy (B&K) and for Ethiopian's Injera & Foul - Abyssinian.

Batlivala and Khanabhoy - Restaurant Review - Alwarpet
Batlivala and Khanabhoy - Restaurant Review - Alwarpet

Disclaimer: On-the-House Bloggers invite for tasting session.

Ethiopian food lovers need to wait; as only the Meena Tai's and B&K are open for now. B&K is on the first floor. With portraits to display the Persian Royalists and their cultures, elegant windows and the most adorable waiters (their dress & glasses) amplifies the experience. The menu screams out with Parsi dishes that I haven't heard about; so commenting about the cuisine's authenticity is something I cannot do. But whether I loved what I ate is something I can be sure of! As the food discussions began, I got some insight about Parsi cuisine and they hardly have a place for vegetarian food. Though B&K have vegetarian dishes the ratio is 4:1 (nonveg : veg).  

Batlivala and Khanabhoy - Restaurant Review - Alwarpet - Nimbu Pani
After a hectic hunt to find the restaurant, the Nimbu Sherbet brought peace to the thirsty throat. The addition of cardamom and few other *secret* ingredients did elevate the taste but the sherbet could be more cold. Just after calming down my thirst, the hot plates of Starters approached the table:
Lagan Sara Istoo Pattice, the huge vegetable patties deep fried and coasted with semolina had the taste resemblance of cutlet. The outer coating made the difference; the taste and crispness of the patties results to an enjoyable dish. Maybe different dip/salad instead of ketchup would seem better.

Batlivala and Khanabhoy - Restaurant Review - Alwarpet - veg pattice
Lagan Sara (veg) Pattice
Definite winners were the non-veg starters! Chicken Russian Pattice, could they get any better? I don't think so. The succulent pieces of chicken and veggies melts away along with that bechamel sauce; the salad's tanginess was just right for the pattice.

Batlivala and khanabhoy - restaurant review
Russian Pattice
Though Kheema Kebabs and Lollypop na Farcha tasted great, they couldn't match the Russian Pattice. Kebabs, weren't the usual ones; the juicy inner stuffing (of minced meat and potato) with outer crust (deep-fried and coated with semolina) tastes awesome. A dip is what I missed. The Lollypop na Farcha is deep-fried chicken; which they tag as "Parsi Version of KFC Chicken". No comparisons as I don't like KFC. However the chicken is crispy and cooked right; too-oily but was fine with the tangy-hot sauce.

Batlivala and Khanabhoy - Restaurant Review - Alwarpet - kheema kebab
Kheema Kebabs
Batlivala and Khanabhoy - Restaurant Review - Alwarpet - lollypop
The show didn't have much disappointment with the Starters; so I had my hope for the Mains:

The combo of Dhansak (Veg and Mutton), Brown Rice and Kachubar started depicting the hearty meals of Parsis. Dhansak, a Parsi style dal preparation tasted unique (I wasn't sure whether it was good or not) and the spice-powder left a floury aftertaste. And then I learned how to eat it; the flavours made sense when you eat them all together. Individually this dish seems weird. But the dhansak mixed with rice along with the tangy Kachubar was a new food delight.

Batlivala and Khanabhoy - Restaurant Review - Alwarpet - dhansak
Dhansak, Brown Rice & Khachubar
Sali Jardaloo Chicken, the tomato gravy brought the taste magic; sweet, sour or spicy; the flavours kept joggling in the mouth. I loved the apricots more than the chicken. Nothing else could be a good match for the super-soft Rotli. And tasting such a soft 'Rotli' at a restaurant for the first time!

Batlivala and Khanabhoy - Restaurant Review - Alwarpet - chicken
Rice & Chicken Gravy
Batlivala and Khanabhoy - Restaurant Review - Alwarpet - pumpkin
Pumpkin & Rotli
Pumpkin Patio, I love pumpkin when its cooked right. And that made me love the dish. The pumpkin's sweetness and the gravies consistency is incredible.
Rice and Rotli, they would be perfect for the gravies.

Any dining experience isn't complete without Desserts.
Santra ni Kheer, a winner. The chilled kheer with orange wedges were richness and delicious. One shot wasn't enough.
Kopra Pak Shots, being a coconut lover I couldn't ask for more. Correct sweetness and lovely flavour of nutmeg; Taste - Tick! Finally, Lagan nu Custard - A traditional Parsi custard, no complaints with the taste. But I am not a custard person so I prefer other desserts over this.


My hopes weren't scattered. Made a list of dishes to try and my next visit would cover about the quantity and pricing of the food.

Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Positive. Posh location with space to park.
Ambience: Positive. Loved it! Simple & Elegant.
Food Variety: Positive. Less veg options; but that's how Parsis love it. Not sure how authentic; but unique collection of dishes!
Taste: Good. Loved what I tasted. Curious to check the other dishes.
Quality: Good. Presentation and usage of distinctive ingredients needs some credit.
Quantity: NA. Not sure about this; my paid visit will cover this. But considering the price, the portion isn't big.
Service: Good. I didn't have any complaints; but they can be more prompt.
Pricing: NA. My paid visit will cover this. But glancing through the menu, it is "Expensive".

My Favourites: Nimbu Sherbet, Chicken Russian Pattice, Pumpkin Patio, Rotli, Santra ni Kheer.

So my Verdict!
B&K, first Parsi restaurant at Chennai would leave you with a pleasant experience. The care and attention to ambience, food variety, quality and taste is something I loved. To be a topper among the restaurants they should amp-up their game in service and consistency. The dining experience justifies the price. Authentic? Something I am not sure about but definitely some unique dishes I couldn't find elsewhere at Chennai. Try eating the Parsi way!

P.S. This write-up is based on my food palate & dining experience during my restaurant visit. On-the-house tasting session. Remember, no two person's palate can be same.

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