Tamasha - Movie Review

It was the lead pair and the magical composition by our beloved Musical Wizard that pushed me to book tickets for this movie. I also respect Imtiaz Ali for his unusual style of writing. With his yesteryear blockbuster Love Aaj Kal, Rockstar, Highway on his likes, what else a viewer can expect. The colourful and eye-catching trailer amplified my enthusiasm further.

Tamasha Movie Review
Tamasha review
That's how I landed in theater in spite of cyclone warning. Let's get into specifics now. As you know, story, screenplay, performances and music is what this review is all about.

What makes you stay seated?

It is those three magical letters that make everyone stay seated throughout the movie. ARR, the musical wizard! In fact, people were just glued to their seats, hearing his persuasive score. All the songs were brilliantly composed starting from the perky-playful Matargashti, melodious-emotional Tum Saath ho, Punjabi gala song Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai that is exclusively for Deepika and the ultimate enthusiastic number wat wat wat, which is my personal favourite as well. BGM was evenly as well as comforting with the visuals. Overall, ARR rocked yet again with his magical soundtracks. The chemistry with ARR, lyricist Irshad Kamil and Director Imtiaz Ali worked once again. It was certainly worth a wait.

The plot itself offered a great deal of scope for the actors to perform and every actor used it to the perfection; the lead actors in specific. Ranbir ruled the show with amazing performance. He had both witty and dull moments in this movie and he captured it brilliantly at ease. As usual his expressions and dialogue delivery was stunning and the chemistry with Deepika was more than sizzling. 

Deepika blends into the character and make an impact on every scene. Every other actor has done a fabulous job by living to their characters regardless of minimal appearance as the plot constantly revolves around the prime characters.

Watch out for these scenes
1. Ranbir getting fired with his unusually strange behaviour in office
2. Ranbir’s reply to the most common question – ‘How are you?’ – ‘Is everything ok?’ in a party.
3. Transition of wat wat wat and heer to badi sad hai songs

Screenplay is very artistic and creative. It was a blend of theatre arts and modern storytelling. Scene by scene changeover from each segment is commendable and deserves applause. Dialogues were lively and went along with the setting of each scene. Cinematography by Ravivarman was superb. He literally brought before us the beautiful yet exotic locales of Corsica, France in the initial 20 minutes. It is quite evident by the visuals that he viewed each frame like a portrait through his lens. Kudos to LIMEROAD in designing Deepika's ultra glamorous, stylish and also sophisticated outfits.

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What would have been better?

Story would have been better as it is quite repetitive. It is about the two strangers Ved and Tara who meet at Corsica, have fun, fell in love and also part ways, without revealing their real identities. Destiny reconnects them together after years. Yet, Tara is not completely happy this time about getting along with Ved as she finds a huge changeover in him. Has Ved being playing around her or has he really changed or is everything Tara’s fault, is what is offered for the rest of the movie.

As in story, they meet after years. It was vividly covered in song (brilliant song to be specific) and Deepika's expressions speak volumes throughout. However, there was a constant question about what Ranbir was doing during those years’ strikes our mind. The post-Corsica love wasn’t established perfectly, sometimes it even sounds unacceptable. I know there is no logic in love but here even emotion has gone astray.

Tamasha is all about the passion, the craze towards something. The passion that doesn't allow us to sleep. The passion that pushes us to stand apart from the crowd. The passion that brings out our real character, real me. Despite few logical glitches, this movie is worth a watch for its magical soundtrack, artistic screenplay and amazing performances.

My Rating

Story – 2.5 / 5
Screenplay – 3.5 / 5
Music – 4.5 / 5
Performance – 4.5 / 5


“Do what you want to do instead of doing what other expects you to do”

Here is the trailer for you...

Tamasha - Movie Review Tamasha - Movie Review Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 20:29 Rating: 5


  1. Well, that was a nice review. However I accept with everything than the rating given for the story. For me, its a 5/5 story movie!

    1. Even I was emotionally moved by the story Prakash, few logical issues were there that why the rating and I stand by it. Appreciate your rating as well. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts, would love to hear from you again.

  2. The concept slightly similar to Kartik calling Kartik, but with a better ending.

    1. Yeah right, both are into family pressure and the related consequences. Genres are different in both the movies. Karthik calling Karthik is a thriller and Tamasha is a Romantic Drama. In both the movies, Male lead played their part to perfection along with sizzling Deepika. Thanks for the comment Indrani.

  3. Hehe.... You said, "Story is quite repetitive.' It is what Imtiaz is telling throughout the movie that there's only one story. Names don't matter; characters don't matter. Do you remember the scene when the storyteller was saying that 'Sanyukta' and 'Sanjukta' were same. In fact, Imtiaz draws the similarities among many stories across the culture and timeline. I liked the movie.

    Regarding you review, it's superbly done. A great job, Gowthama. :)

    1. Yeah I remember that scene. The storyteller yells at the kid when asked about the discrepancy in names. You are right, Imtiaz have drawn certain similarities. But what I meant is the entire concept, like boy meets girl, fell in love, then break up, blah blah. What he portrayed within that story is wonderful, emotional indeed.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment Ravish.

  4. I have read a few more positive reviews for the film. Yet to watch it, though. Nice review, Gowthama... :-)

    1. You'll love it Maniparna. It is a light hearted romantic drama just like your short story. Watch it soon! I am now gearing up for Dilwale <3

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