Another Promising Veggie Friendly - New Yorker - Restaurant Review

Outlet: Nungambakkam

Address: 21/10, 1st Floor, 3rd Street, Wallace Garden, Khadar Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Phone: 044 30853667

Cuisine: American, Italian, Mexican, North Indian (Veggie Friendly)

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Known and tagged for ‘Veggie friendly’ restaurant and ‘Indo-American’ cuisine, New Yorker was a restaurant on my wishlist for a while. The plan came along and I ended up dining for Saturday lunch. They are located at Nung(y)ambakkam; it is tricky to spot them in the narrow streets. They are in-between Tuscana and CCD joint (the road that connects KNK and Wallace Garden). They do have a small parking space. Surrounded by restaurants they still manage to grab some crowd and the dining is at the first floor.

The ambience looks good and I couldn’t notice anything unique beyond the decent decors. There ‘Board Game’ addition would be fun for kids or huge number of diners while awaiting for food. I would have expected them to maintain a more cleanly dining space (with windows and glass not cleaned and houseflies singing rhymes) but I would let it go for once with all the rainy mess #chennairains.

The menu looked more similar to Cream Centre and Jalpaan for me! Though not the same dish, the cuisine and the food varieties resembles them. Going through the menu, I was sure the food would be rich. So I settled down for a 4-course meal (sharing) and here’s my take on the food we enjoyed:

kiwi drink new yorker
Kiwi Drink
NY Kiwi Fizzy Drink – The drink tasted good; not being a kiwi fan I did enjoy the drink. Though the quantity was small.

American Cheese Corn Balls – The crispy outer crust and melty cheesy corn stuffing tasted great. But the potato chips were bad; definitely some old stuff and wasn’t good; they couldn’t have served that.

Indian Veggie Sizzler – A mix of biriyani rice, chenna masala, paneer gravy, French fries, veg patty and kachumber (salad). Everything on the hot sizzling plate tasted great. But did they taste the same together? Not really. The masala (spice flavor) over-powered the dish; the French fries and patty were the only balancing elements but was less in portion. Nevertheless, I couldn’t spot more negatives. They may try to work on balancing the masala’s and bringing each individual element together.

cheese corn balls new yorker
American Cheese Corn Balls

indian sizzler new yorker
Indian Veggie Sizzler

NY Sizzling Brownie Sundae – Being the most favorite dessert, I happened to eat the dessert sizzler after three years. Nothing to complete; TUMMY happy! :-)

sizzling brownie new yorker
NY Sizzling Brownie

The bill came upto Rs. 1118 INR (including VAT & ST). Can’t really say less or very expensive but the prices are par with the restaurant of similar cuisine or food. The service was decent; nothing much to rave as well as complain. The cuisine being my favorite one, I loved the food choices and menu. The portion size is sumptuous to share among. Could work more on presenting food with better balance or combinations!

Breaking Down Points

Location & Parking (4/5)Positive. Owning their outlet at Chennai’s food destination (Nungambakkam) does some magic. There is good parking space in front of the resto as well can grab a spot anywhere in the roads (if vacant).

Ambience (3/5)Average. I couldn’t spot anything unique about their ambience; my bad or their bad the place could have been tidier the day I visited.

Food Variety (3.5/5)Positive. There are restaurants that serve similar food varieties at Chennai. But then they still have managed to present variety and difference in flavours based on the cuisine they tag them.

Taste (3.5/5)Good. Definitely flavorsome that makes us crave for more. They do have scope to correct their food combinations.

Quantity (4/5)Positive. Ample food portions that would allow sharing among a big group of people. Kudos!

Quality (3.25/5)Okay, maybe Good. The presentation and taste were good, I couldn’t complain much. But a no-no to anything that aren’t fresh!

Pricing (3.5/5)Good. The food portion and taste does justify the pricing; they are par with their competitors. Saying that, not going to be lighter on pockets.

Service (3.5/5)Good. They do a fabulous job. More care on other service element like ambience look can be given attention.

New Yorker! They aren’t as fancy or bright as their name. But the food variety, taste and quantity are great to grab someone’s attention. They steal the show when it comes to service and location. An extra eye is needed to watch the food quality. Talking about value for money, this New Yorker is definitely affordable by the Chennaiwalas then the original NY city. Another veg destination for the veg lovers!!

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Another Promising Veggie Friendly - New Yorker - Restaurant Review Another Promising Veggie Friendly - New Yorker - Restaurant Review Reviewed by Divya Srinivasan on 10:03 Rating: 5

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