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Green, green everywhere,
Soothing our eyes from nowhere!
On the way to Ludhiana from Gurdaspur by road, I was literally overwhelmed by the flourishing greeneries planted on either side of the road. It was wheat and sugarcane fields. The crops were embraced with incredible low-lying clouds. It was a perfect blend of green crops with the cloudy white texture on the top. Tiny bead of moisture started to ripple from over the crest gradually, which was interrupted by a glaring sunshine. The dewdrops replicated that shaft of light throughout the fields in its own glorious fashion; entire field started glittering in no time. It was an eye-soothing scene for every traveler, especially for nature lovers.

As I was enjoying those awe-inspiring visuals, I was interrupted by a calm voice, ‘Bhaiya!’ I turned around to see a young Punjabi lad with a turban on his head and curiosity on his eyes. I replied back, ‘Ji Haan!’

‘Madarasi hai kya?’ he inquired. Generally, they call every South Indians, Madarasi.

‘Haan ji,’ I replied. Before he could say anything further, I asked him to speak in English.

‘Seems like, you enjoy watching our farmland. You were literally into it.’ He said that with a smile. It is obvious to see a person pleased and happy if some outsiders enjoy their land.

‘Of course, I do. What an amazing natural landscape! It’s just greenish, everywhere.’ I exclaimed back.

‘I can see that. Life in Punjab is like living in a nature’s haven. Sorry that I bothered you in a middle.’

‘No problem. Your name?’

‘Arjit Singh.’

‘Gowtham!’ We shook hands and exchanged greeting.

‘Then Arjit, what’s up?’

‘I just completed schooling, looking for colleges.’

‘Are you serious? I thought…’

‘..I know, that’s our gene. We look double the size of our age. Moreover I am a basketball player as well.’

‘Amazing yaar, so what next?’

‘No idea just confused. My father wants me to be a basketball player and my mother Mathematician.’

‘Alright, what are you strong at?’

‘Well, I am good at both, that’s the problem.’

‘What’s the problem; you can do both at a time.’

‘Of course I can but can I be exceptional in both?’

‘Ok, now I get it. Ideal college is what you are hunting now!’


‘Don’t worry buddy, go check College Dunia portal.’
College Dunia - India's most comprehensive college search engine
‘College what?’

‘College Dunia buddy. It is an extensive listing portal with more than 20,000 colleges with all sorts of information. You can choose your institution that matches up with your expectations and needs.

‘Wow, sounds great. Can I get the list of Universities in Punjab?’

‘Not just the list of Universities, you can get more than that. Be it the list of universities, colleges, its infrastructure, courses, sports information, vocational activities, events, exam pattern, placements or anything for that matter, it has it all.’

Arjit took out his Smartphone, iphone 6s it was, and started exploring the portal that I just said to him. I was literally startled to see such a costly phone with a school passed out kid. People here are so fond of brand and fashion, I thought.

Quickly surfing throught the facts and figures of the universities and colleges at Punjab, his expression changed. With utmost happiness he said, ‘Thanks bhai.’

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  1. It's a good and informative site...thanks for sharing the review... :-)

    1. Thanks for the comment Maniparna. Its a good interesting portal assisting every young lad for their ultimate step.


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