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After a critically acclaimed Shamitabh and the most entertaining movie of 2014 Velai Illa Pattadhari (VIP), Dhanush has reached a new height not only in Kollywood but also in Bollywood. Being a great admirer of his acting, I booked tickets for his recently released movie Maari. Apart from Kamalhassan, I don’t select movies based on the lead actors instead I see the directors. In this case, it was Balaji Mohan, whose previous movies (Kaathalil Sothappuvathu Eppadi and Vaaiyai Moodi Pesavum) were very youthful and refreshing. I was particularly impressed by dialogues and cinematography in his movies. That’s how I end up landing at the theatre for this movie, Maari.

Maari Movie Review
Maari Movie Review - Creatikaa

My Rating - 2.5 / 5

Balaji Mohan, who is known for his sweet and cool movies has tried a nerve-racking action entertainer this time with more of punch-lines, rocking theme music accompanied by slow-motion shots. Of course, most of it are not at all needed. Dhanush, just out of Samitabh set, utilized the same sunglass with circular frame for this movie apart from the handlebar moustache, which is the only difference in this movie. But the good thing about him is, he gets into the character and make us believe even the silliest thing he does.

Ok then, here we go. This review is basically on four parameters, i.e. story, screenplay, performances and music.

What makes you stay seated?

Performance is the first major thing in this movie that make you stay seated. No doubt that, Dhanush carried the entire movie on his slant shoulders. As I said before, he has that magical ability to depict any kind of character in a sensible manner. He has been depicted as a local Don in this movie; not really his cup of tea, I thought. Most of us would have thought the same, considering his mind-blowing physique. But the fact is, he made the viewers believe and accept that he is a Don just like the Hyderabadi-flicker makes batting looks easy whenever he is on the crease (You know who he is right?). Although most of his heroism shots were so repetitive and frustrating, his acting wasn’t questioned. It was boring only because of the setting and dialogues. Robo Shankar, with his witty one-liners and amusing English, was super-fun to watch. His timing counters with Dhanush and co-stars are wonderful. Kudos to the director and team who have utilized him to his fullest potential. Kalloori Vinoth and Kaajal has also done their part perfect enough to please the audience.

Anirudh-Dhanush combo has worked again in this movie as the Music make the audience dance in theatre. Be it a rollicking background score, rocking introduction song and a cool melody, this album has it all. In fact, he even appeared as a cameo in one of his songs during which Dhanush looked as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What would have been better?

The heart and soul of the movie itself could have been better, i.e. story and screenplay. Any movie without a proper story is not acceptable, if not it should at least be portrayed well enough to grab the attention of the audience. The best example for that is last year’s blockbuster movie Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam directed by R. Parthiban.

Maari (Dhanush) is a local Don, who annoys everyone in his area with the tag ‘Murderer.’ A cunning cop Arjun (Vijay Yesudas) works on unearthing that murder. He gets the help of Sridevi (Kaajal Agarwaal), who is one of the victims of Maari’s infuriation and succeeds in putting the Don behind the bars. Maari after coming out from jail realize that his area is now under the control of Arjun. What happens next? Yes, you are right, he earns back his control in style. An usual hero-villain mumbo-jumbo meant for Whistling Thronging Fans (WTF) as mentioned by Baradwaj Rangan, a National Award-winning film critic (Click here to know his take on Maari)

There were too many sub-plots with the story like illegal sandalwood business,  love angle, Pigeon race, don turning into auto-man and nothing have been established clearly. In fact, Pigeon race was an untouched subject and could have handled better. May be Vetrimaaran has to think about it, who can forget his movie on rooster fight (Aadukalam). Vijay Yesudas, with rough looks and sharp eyes, started nicely but later on his performance will make you think whether he is a good choice for Villain role? Lacklustre screenplay and lousy performance are the reason for that thought.

I understand that Maari is a commercial movie,  but the usage of slow-motion shots accompanied by the theme music was too much. I would rather say it is over-used and it was annoying as well.


A typical hero-villian commercial combo with not much spice.

My Rating

Story – 2 / 5
Screenplay – 2 / 5
Music – 3 / 5
Performance – 3.5 / 5

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Maari - Movie Review Maari - Movie Review Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 20:20 Rating: 5


  1. Looks like an average watch, nice review.

    1. To my concern it is below average :-P Thanks for the comment buddy.


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