Thani Oruvan - Movie Review

It’s been a while, I have enjoyed a movie on the first day. I usually don’t watch movie on first-day-first-show basis, instead I prefer watching it on the coming weekend or two days later. This theory goes well on almost all the Tamil movies, no risk whatsoever. Rajinikanth movies are worth a risk, yet an exception to this theory. Then came Thani Oruvan, a thriller cop story directed by M. Raja also called Remake Raja after his series of Remake-movies. I select movies simply based on the director, no other factor come into the picture, but here it is not the director either. It is because of the day. Yes! A very special day (Happy Birthday Sweetheart...). Satyam Cineplex was her most favourite places in Chennai, how can I miss it then…

Thani Oruvan - Movie Review Creatikaa
Thani Oruvan - Movie Review Creatikaa

My Rating - 4.65/5

Thani Oruvan is an elegant cop movie with ample twist and turns to keep you captivated. Raja has worked very well on the script and I particularly like his to-the-point approach. Everybody in the movie has done a fabulous job of sticking to their character sketch; special mention goes to Arvind Swamy who has made a terrific comeback as a charming, yet suave villain.

Alright, let’s dig deeper. As you know, this is about story, screenplay, music and performance.

What makes you stay seated?

It is the script that makes you stay seated throughout. Thani Oruvan is all about script, writing, characterization and visualization. Everything came out well, that’s the best part.

PERFORMANCES by the lead roles Mithran and Siddharth Abhimanyu has been a heavy weight in this movie. They literally carried the entire movie on their shoulders. For Jayam Ravi, this is one of the best intensely portrayed characterization after peraanmai and undoubtedly he pulled it off to near perfection with the right balance of emotion. This is actually a comeback movie for Arvind Swamy who is just awesome as Siddharth Abhimanyu. He is an unusual villain, Tamil movie has seen in recent times. He doesn’t shout, but his chill gesture speak volumes. He doesn’t fight, but his audacious gaze causes even tremors. And more than ever, his attitude! Aha! He is a wonder-man. He is 'incorrigible.' Unlike other movies, the heroine here is a dignified person. She is a forensic scientist. She can perform finger-print analysis. Nayanthara, being a talented and experienced artist, has done a neat job. Thambi Ramaiya, with his casual expressions and amusing one-liners creates space to laugh even in this tight and gripping screenplay.

The STORY is about a clever yet dynamic police officer Mithran (Jayam Ravi) and his mission to bring about a positive change in the society. His prime aim is to destroy mastermind who is behind a big conspiracy; thereby at least 100 criminals would be killed. During the course of the operation, he discovers Siddharth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swamy), the Padma Sri Award winning scientist and a mastermind behind the medicine-mafia. The rest is what may be called as cat and mouse game between cunning cop and an influential thief. I would rather say this story has been inspired by a powerful quote “Be the change you wish to see in this world.”

The SCREENPLAY is a best part about this movie and a huge round of applause goes to the writers Shoba and Raja, who spent around a year on the script. The dialogues were crisp and neat, supporting the plot and the quick-editing increases the pace.

Watch out for these whistle-cracking scenes…

  1. Title scene
  2. Intermission shot 
  3. A white board proposal scene
  4. Siddharth's final dialogue

Hip-hop Thamizha has come up with yet another rollicking album after Aabala as MUSIC not just lifts but elevates the range of the movie. Both the lead roles have got a powerful yet stylish background scores, which also maintains the pace of the plot. Kaathal cricket is a cool, peppy intro-song and Kannala Kannala is a soothing, romantic number. The former has been accompanied with some casual and interesting visuals, whereas the latter sounds soothing with touching lines.

What would have been better?

Honestly, there is nothing as such in this movie that would have been better. The only thing is the duet song in the second half, which is completely not necessary. It completely disturbs the narrative. I agree to the fact that Tamil cinema without a song is an unbelievable thing, but at least some effort has to be taken to incorporate it in an ideal circumstances.

Anyway, this is never going to affect or bother you from enjoying the movie by itself so dont worry. Just enjoy!


“Be the change you wish to see in this world”

My Rating - 4.65/5

Story – 4.5/5
Screenplay – 4.5/5
Performance – 5/5
Music – 4.5/5

Watch the trailer here...

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Thani Oruvan - Movie Review Thani Oruvan - Movie Review Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 15:21 Rating: 5


  1. Nice Gowtham. This is the first time I am reading a rating 4.65 :).. Even I don't usually watch movies on the first day, I usually like to read reviews before watching them. This sure seems like a good watch.

    1. Ha ha.. Mathematics and things, you know :-D.. Actually, this is the first time I am giving a Tamil movie a rating points of more than 4.5 Vinay. This is that good. Watch it if you can. You will love it. It is an inspiring movie and you can even write a piece on this movie on your Inspire99.

  2. I surely need to watch this one :) That rating is inspirational :D

    1. You will love it, I am sure about that Teny. Watch it and come up with your stylish vampire tales.

  3. Box Office hits need Out-of-the-Box Thinking

    As we all witnessed during the past 10 days or so, ‘Thani Oruvan’ got rave reviews and has been accepted by the film industry and audience as a benchmark movie. There is a transition happening in the Indian movie industry; that is driven by the audience. Today movie goers are well aware of the worldly events. The life-cycle of audience taste is short, meaning audience preference is undergoing change at a higher rate than ever before. The typical romance movie is no longer going to pull the audience. It had been already exploited by the uncountable number of movies in all the possible formats. So what is next? That is called ‘Thani Oruvan’ way! - A strong theme, embedded with authentic data & logic.

    How it all started? Way back in 2013, director Mr. Mohan Raja met with a group of consultants from Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd., specializes in business consulting and business analysis (An EEP of International Institute of Business Analysis, Canada and REP of International Requirements Engineering Board, Germany). By that time, Mr. Raja was thinking about the story for at least 3 years. The one question he asked the group of consultants was “I want to make the movie authentic and different, how you could contribute?” Also Fhyzics was looking for opportunities to explore the movie industry. Subsequently, Fhyzics team met the director few times and demonstrated how they can make it different. It clicked, and Fhyzics got its maiden movie project.
    The assignment given to Fhyzics team was data and logic research for the movie project. The team researched IPS training, minute-by-minute daily routines of IPS probationers and officers, costumes, usage of words & terminologies, technologies, background, analysis methods etc. The team also did intensive research on crimes both at national and international level from 1990 onwards to till-date. Organized the crimes under different heads and drawn the linkages. Prepared crime charts, time-to-time emotional graphs, hero vs. villain rise & fall maps etc. Even Fhyzics created a PPT that was presented to the producers by Mr. Raja to give them a holistic view of the movie. Massive amount of data and information were collected, organized in SharePoint (a Microsoft technology), then distilled and presented on weekly basis to the director for the entire duration of the movie making and it has been judiciously consumed in the movie without affecting the entertainment element of it. At Fhyzics, we profoundly thank Mr. Raja for the opportunity and helping us in launching our services in the movie industry with this landmark movie, ‘Thani Oruvan’.

    Sugantha T BE,
    Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited,
    Research Analyst |

    1. Well, its fhyzics and team who is responsible for research and analysis behind this script? Simply wonderful Sugantha. You guys really pulled it off by setting a trend. Hats off.

      Thani Oruvan is the Indian answer for Bourne and Ocean series. And I think 'fhyzics' has done a fabulous role in this remarkable feat. Amazing job guys.

      I humbly appeal every directors to use these passionate team for the betterment of the project.


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